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The Inside, Outside, Upside-Down Side

By: M. Kinney-Bartolomucci

Summer vacation will soon be upon us. If your young ones mention that there is nothing to do, read this story/poem together and see where your imaginations take you. This is a delightful flight of fancy by a new author to Wordshack's pages. We hope to hear more from her.

The Muddy Puppy

By: Sharry Reigle

Here is a story the author made up to tell her grandchildren, now she shares it with our children. A simple tale of friendship, or is that tail of friendship. It really doesn't matter, it is a cute story to share with small children. Enjoy!

Harry the Hermit Crab

By: Angie Ashbery

Do you have a child going off to school for the first time? Or maybe a child who is a bit shy? This story of a little hermit crab trapped in his protective shell may help them see the adventure life can be.

Old Birdy

By: Angela Texmo

Finally, a children's story with illustrations. Our Canadian author brings your child a story of two friends, Buddy and his ever faithful blanket, Toby. While walking in the woods, they find a very unhappy bird. Their use of kindness changes her life. The story reads like a poem, and the illustrations are nothing short of masterpieces. Enjoy!

The Lady Who Lived In The Chimney

By: Lynda Blankenship

Zandra the raccoon wants only the best for her babies. This true life nature tale will give you and your children a new insite into the animals who live in your garden.

McFee and EllaLee

By: Amy Temple

If your children like a bit of rhyme with their stories, print this one out and enjoy it at bedtime.

Bonfire Knight

By: Roy E. Hare

The world is always changing. Our Knight is on a quest. Dragons will be dragons.

The Christmas Donkey

By: Lynda Blankenship

A story for young and old. The first Christmas had animals, shephards, angels, wisemen, and a star. This little tale tells the story from one point of view. Print this one out and read it on Christmas Eve.

A Home For Patch

By: Barb Chatman

Every dog has a tail, or in this story a tale a tale. This delightful story shares an insdiers look in the life of "humanities best friend."

Captain Timber

By: Roy E. Hare

Fantasy comes to life in a very unusual way in this lovely British story. Little boys dream of freedom, ships dream of traveling, what better combination could you find?

Another Captain Timber

By: Roy E. Hare

The boys who sail the "Conker" are back with a new adventure. This time they are off to Australia.