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A descriptive essay describing the magnificence of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

By: Andrew Rao

This amazing young man has chosen WordShack for his school project. We are very honored to offer his work to you. You learn alot by reading an author's first work. We declare him to have a fabulous future in whatever he does. I love the Ninth Symphony but I never knew all he has taught me. I will enjoy it even more now. Thanks Andrew from all of us.

At The Start of Time
WordShack as a Launch Pad for a Writing Career

By: Sergio Burns

It is possible for your dreams to come true. Read, in his own words, the story of one WordShack author who is experiencing that very thing. While we would like to take full credit for his success, we must admit his talent far outshines our efforts. His message to you, "Don't give up and keep dreaming while you write."

At Last

By: Mary Jane Smith

Our newest book author discusses the process of being published. Her book, also titled At Last is finally in the bookstores and people she has never met are reading it. Has it been fun? We hope so.

Welcome To Ameristan

By: Bill Shankle

Frustration with our government is nothing new to Americans, but recently it seems to be reaching an all time high. This author shares how he feels about a hurricane that blew away all the lies of safety and security this administration has been bellowing. Act of God, some say, perhaps God wanted us to know what it feels like to live in Iraq.

And In The Headlines Today...

By: Shane Kennedy

Ever wonder how a book is born in the mind of an author. Our Canadian author gives us a peak into the process. When you have finished, you might want to add the book to your library. We think it is a great story.

The American Game

By: Bill Law

If you wonder what all the noise is about read this love story from a baseball fan who truly knows the game. England, we are waiting on your story about Cricket.

Like An Express Train Traveling Through A Long Dark Tunnel

By: Sergio Burns

Each of our authors has traveled a different path to publication. In this essay, one of our most popular authors shares his story. His collection of Short Stories is well worth your reading. Do you love the dark side of life? Then you are going to love his stories.

Stan Thompson,

By: Mike Shannon

Are you a golfer? If so, then you should know about the remarkable man our author writes about. Stan Thompson is an important name in golf. This is your chance to learn more.

The Joy Of Being Published

By: William Foster

Our author has finally achieved his long awaited goal. His work is now available in book form. The process was long, but was it worth it? We hope so.

Not For Us

By: William Foster

Here is an essay for all you writers. Is the publishing world impossible to break into? Not anymore. See the story above.

Suggesting A President

By: Bill Shankle

Have you ever looked at the President of the United States and thought, "I could do that job better?" I think most of the world must be thinking that now. I have and so has our author. As a matter of fact, he would like your vote. There is still time for you to declare your intention to run.

Viewing Suicide "Through a Glass Darkly"

By: Janet Britton

Suicide has touched the lives of all of us. Read this touching story of one person's journey back to the light as she fights to understand.

Tracking Young Tiger

By: Richard P. Wade

How did the golf courses of Southern California shape Tiger Woods' game? Learn how to improve your own game by following his path. Or just read a really interesting story of success.

The Drill

By: Bill Wucinich

We fight the battle of the sexes in the darnest places.

Hoop Dreams

By: Keith Jones

Young boys dream, but it is the work they do that makes those dreams come true. Read this essay from a very hard working young man.

On Age

By: James McAfee

Tired of getting older? Here is a very creative way to think of the entire process. Lose half your age in 15 minutes. You'll still be as wise as ever.