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Fire In The Philippine Sky

By: Bob Glutting

A volcanic eruption is one of the most powerful forces of nature. Experience one with a member of the United States Air Force. Lives were forever changed.

The Ox-bone Skates

By: Dorothea Boyd Wolfe

Christmas in the year of our Lord 1764 brought freezing temperatures to the Hudson River Valley. Our author weaves another facinating tale of "days gone by."

The Chief and the Earthquake

By: Bill Shankle

The facinating story shares new insites into the most devistating natural event ever recorded in America. Do you know what that was? You soon will.

Eulogy on Washington

By: General Henry Lee

Revisit a day in history. Hear the words of one famous American hero as he mourns the death of George Washington. Imagine the pain of each American at the loss of the nation's father. Remember!

Last Post For A Highwayman

By: Roy Hare

Imagine a time when the mail always came by coach. Even more difficult imagine a time when receiving a letter was rare. Now, imagine a dark night, the mail coach, and a highwayman. The contents of this letter box may just change a life.

The Bow

By: Dorothea Boyd Wolfe

The Mohawk River Valley is the setting for this story. A time when the Native American population was asked to choose sides in a war, not of their making. It was a violent time, but somehow a new God made his way into the hearts of men.