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By: Dale Uhlmann

Finally, someone writes a story with my name in it. Dale is at it again. His newest story rivals his earlier versions for sheer downright horror. You will want to add this one to your campfire stories.

Twin Killing

By: Dale Uhlmann

No one weaves history, legend and the possible better than Dale Uhlmann. He does it again in this story about some very unusual twins, Ireland, ancient gods and the Nazi's. Did I mention murder?

Pack Wars

By: Dale Uhlmann

Dale writes scary stories and this one won't disappoint. He gives new meaning to "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned." And Sisterhood has never looked like this before. It is a great read with very interesting concepts to consider on many levels.

Darkness Swallows Ohio

By: Sergio Burns

To those of you who don't know the State of Ohio, may I just say that it is a midwestern American state with hardworking and generous people. At least, that is what one sees on the surface. However, in the hands of this Scottish author, nothing is ever what it seems. What lurks under the surface? Well, you will have to read on to find that answer.

To Die For

By: Laura Sheridan

Ms. Sheridan sends the most interesting characters into space. She creates dilemmas to challenge even the earthbound. Her stories are so readable we believe even people who never read Science Fiction will enjoy them.

What We Don't Know

By: Solange

Every young mother has her fears, but this story takes them to a new level. Monsters everywhere it seems.

"…At First Sight"

By: Henry Nagel

This tale has something for everyone. Obsessive love, vampires, the perfect woman, great sex, and a tabloid newspaper. You may begin wondering if what you see is real.

Fourth Rock From The Sun

By: Laura Sheridan

Earth is the Third Rock from the Sun, but what is the future of the Fourth Rock? This tale suggests an interesting future.

Life On The Jupiter Moon

By: Shane Kennedy

This Canadian author brings you a facinating story. Stories within stories will keep your mind occupied as you venture into his world. The author hopes to develop this novella into a novel. Share with him which story lines you would like to see developed further.

Tricks Of The Trade

By: G.L. Sheridan

This story brings an entirely new meaning to body work. So much more than putty and paint.

For Sale: Quaint Two-story Stone Cottage

By: J. Paulette Forshey

Buying a house can be a scary proposition, especially if you know about the previous tenants. This new author to the pages of WordShack will tell you a tale to make you wonder. Or is it just a "wonderful tale?"

Give A Man A Fish

By: Laura Sheridan

Our British author offers a second story of the future of a Mars which has changed to accomodate an alien species. It takes a very special mind to see the future. She does it very well.