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Last Momth's Top Ten

As determined by you, our readers!

1. The Dream Eternal

By: Katrina Smith-Robson

We explore one of the last taboos. What is a middle-aged woman to do when she finally finds her soul mate in a 30 year old body? Will these two find a way to make a life together? What is love? How will it all end? If you like twists in your love stories, you are going to enjoy this one. This story has strong sexual content.

2. Life On The Jupiter Moon

By: Shane Kennedy

This Canadian author brings you a facinating story. Stories within stories will keep your mind occupied as you venture into his world. The author hopes to develop this novella into a novel. Share with him which story lines you would like to see developed further.

3. The Kingdom of Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon

By: Allison Quattrocchi

Here is a story about a trip few of us will ever take. But in our dreams there are mountains and secret places hidden away from our world. Allison tells a magnificant story and includes beautiful pictures which all but take us there.

4. In Indian Tents

By: Abby L. Alger

Collected in the 1800's these original Native American folk tales tell us much about how our ancestors viewed the world and their place in it. Learn ancient indian vocabulary, and enjoy a good fable as told by the "storyteller." Their words live again. Their wisdom never died.

5. Driving Lessons

By: DC Stanfa

This excerpt from her book, The Art of Table Dancing: Escapades of An Irreverent Woman reminds us that humour often saves us from ourselves. Remember being an unhappy kid, well when you look at youth from the perspective of age, it all seems like a good time.

6. Walking On The Sun In A Snowstorm

By: Sergio Burns

This Scottish author brings us a tale of relationships gone wrong. His concern for an old friend takes him places he never meant to go. Life can be like that. If you enjoy his style, which we believe you will, stop by our Fiction Reading Area and read his, Blue Vanishing Monday.

7. In A Lonely Place

By: Abdulmajid Abdullah Ahmad Dabbas

The Holiday Seasons always bring up our memories. This story is no different. Although the memories are very different than most. This work reminds us why immigrants make America a stronger place. The Jordanian author is an excellent storyteller. We know you will enjoy this new author to the pages of WordShack.

8. The Lady Who Lived in the Chimney

By: Lynda Blankenship

Zandra the raccoon wants only the best for her babies. This true life nature tale will give you and your children a new insite into the animals who live in your garden.

9. Old Birdy

By: Angela Texmo

Finally, a children's story with illustrations. Our Canadian author brings your child a story of two friends, Buddy and his ever faithful blanket, Toby. While walking in the woods, they find a very unhappy bird. Their use of kindness changes her life. The story reads like a poem, and the illustrations are nothing short of masterpieces. Enjoy!

10.. A Friend Indeed

By: Janet Britton

When tragedy strikes, who can you turn to? Our author's experience will lift your spirits as she shares a very personal cancer experience.