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The Kingdom of Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon

By: Allison Quattrocchi

Here is a story about a trip few of us will ever take. But in our dreams there are mountains and secret places hidden away from our world. Allison tells a magnificant story and includes beautiful pictures which all but take us there.

Return To The Southern Cross

By: Sandra Smith

Sandy is off on another adventure, this one will include many exotic locations. She will send us reports and we will keep you posted. Virtual traveling can be great fun and in this day and age so cheap.

Diary From The Southern Cross

By: Sandra Smith

Sandy has arrived safely back home and has added to her online diary of the trip of our dreams. Two months in Australia and New Zealand. Use her story to help plan a trip of your own, or just join the rest of us and dream.

Two Days In Japan

By: Sandra Smith

Do you dream of traveling to the Orient? Would you dare go alone? Follow our "Earthrider" as she explores two of Japan's loveliest cities. Enjoy Cherry Blossom Time, Tea and so much more. Begin to dream your own dream.

Kayaker In Antarctica

By: Paul Deegan

Join two unusual men as they plan and execute a most exciting trip to Antarctica. You will have run out of reasons for staying home after you read this tale of adventure among the ice caps.

Sweden's Kust Linjen, The Coast Line

By: Sandra Smith

We travel for all sorts of reasons. Our author is in Sweden to spend time with her grandson and his other family. But, along the way, she learns what it is like to live in another country.

In Search of a Shrine

By: Lynda Blankenship

Travel to England looking for a very special room. Deep inside St. Bart's hospital in London a most important meeting took place over a hundred years ago. What meeting? Well, you will be surprised to read the answer to that.

Smoothing the Bumps

By: Sandra Smith

The author offers her advice on how to prepare and enjoy a trip with the least difficulty. Every traveler should have a read.

Pass The Cheesecake

By: William Foster

Travel with a group of new "friends" to the American south. Williamsburg and the Outer Banks of North Carolina challenge the group to compromise while sharing housing.


By: Sandra Smith

This solo world traveler brings us a story on connections. Imagine finding yourself in a strange city only to find you have friends there. Friends you have yet to meet. This travel story suggests ways to meet people from all over the world, while staying in your own home. Or are you the traveler? Ms. Smith would like to see us all on the move.