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Frequently asked questions

We're here to assist you in making WordShack a site that entertains as well as informs you. If you have a question that is not listed below, feel free to contact us for a quick, personal response.

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FAQs From Authors

Who will read my work on WordShack?

Your work will be showcased to readers of the English language. That means that your ideas will appear in America, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, and the more than 130 countries in the rest of the wired world. If the Internet exists in a country, your work and your ideas will be there for them to read. Thousands of Literary Agents in American and Britain will have free access to all the works on WordShack. You may be approached by representatives who will be able to mainstream your work. While we will not recommend particular agents to you, we will work to make sure your work is being seen. We are unable to guarantee that you will find an agent. We want to be your first step to greatness.

How long will my work be showcased on the website?

We will keep your work in the current features section of the website for a minimum of 1 year. However, you may choose to showcase your work for a longer period of time. The publication costs quoted are for 1 year of screen time. We will always work closely with our authors. Your success is our success.

I am a British author, must I use American spelling in my work?

Absolutely not. We know this is a cultural issue and we believe that each writer regardless of where he or she lives should be able to express themselves in their own words. It is part of the charm of the site that American readers will get to see all of those lovely u's which have been lost in their language. Each culture will learn something new from reading the thoughts of the other. So, please let your nationality speak through your words.

What sort of timeline can I expect before my submitted work is published?

Of course, we are unable to gauge future demand for space on the site, however, we will keep the wait for publication under 1 week. If demand requires a change in that, we will notify each individual submitter of our proposed publication date. If for any reason we are unable to accommodate a writer's needs in this area, all publication fees will be returned to the author.

Will adult content be acceptable for publication?

Yes, however, we will refuse publication to any overtly racist, hate, or violent content which we find personally offensive. Adult content will be acceptable if it moves the storyline, but we are not interested in publishing sex for the sake of sex. If for any reason, a story is deemed inappropriate for the site all publication costs will be immediately refunded.

What sort of stories are you interested in publishing?

We know that people's reading interests are very broad. For that reason, we hope to be able to offer something for everyone. Children's stories, Romance, Adventure, Science Fiction, History, War or Peace, Travel, Humor/Humour, Religion, Poetry, Non-Fiction. We plan a special section of the site for stories written by young (under 18) authors. Teachers will be able to submit the work of talented students at no cost. If you write it, we will find a place to publish it.

How will you make my work available to all types of computer systems?

We will convert your story to an html format. WordShack will bear the cost of all conversions. As technology allows for improved methods, we will continue to provide the highest quality to our readers.

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FAQs From Readers

I am a Literary Agent, how may I have access to your authors?

It is the goal of WordShack to help our authors find their true place in the world of literature. We encourage Literary Agents to visit the site frequently. If you find a writer you wish to talk to, simply inform us and we will make the introduction. We are always glad to answer any questions you may have. Contact us.

I notice that you offer stories for children, is it safe to allow my children to visit WordShack without adult supervision?

That is a difficult question to answer. In our opinion children should always be supervised when they are on the Internet. We will abide by all US Laws which pertain to the safety of children on the Internet.

Will the information I give you be sold or used by others?

Absolutely Not!!! We will treat any information you give us, as we would our own. Your privacy is of the deepest concern to us. Please read our Privacy Policy.

How often should I look for new material?

New stories are added as they are received. Stories which have good traffic will be archived for additional reading time. We hope to have something new and fresh for you each time you log on. Please remember that you may submit stories to us. So, if you aren't finding what you want to read, maybe you should write it.

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