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Featured Author - Sergio Burns
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Six books produced by WordShack are now available for purchase. Our books make for great reading. It is not too early to order your summer reading. Why not give one of our books a vacation at the beach? Summer isn't that far away. Our books are always welcome gifts. Each book also comes in an e-book format. E-Books download immediately. Thank you for supporting the authors of WordShack.

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About This Month's Author

WordShack always reminds me how small the world has become. A Scottish writer read a story about WordShack in the Moroccan Times News Paper. He contacts me and he submits a story. That was twelve years ago. At The Start of Time tells the tale of his journey from a writer in waiting to a full fledged author. He has moved far beyond WordShack and yet in this essay he remembers his roots when he stood on a launch pad we call WordShack. Never give up hope, you too may find a home and a launching pad in the pages of WordShack. Sergio now writes a blog Rush Hour and writes for major European publications.

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