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Genre: Mystery | Story Listings

The Vampire

By: Dale Uhlmann

He is at it again readers. Dale has brought us another of his wonderful stories to scare us to death or maybe just give us an enjoyable read. This story is part of his Chindi series. His heroine is again up against some very strange goings on. Join her as she walks a path through very dangerous territory.

Shadows Of Rosewood

By: Patricia Yurisa

This wonderful new author brings you a story of family. Perhaps not your traditional family. Rosewood is a town that is hard to leave and our lead character is just moving in. What secrets will she uncover? This is the first in a series, so you have more to look forward to.

Ghost Dance

By: Dale Uhlmann

Here is a story to keep you up at night reading, or simply to scared to go to sleep. The author brings back some of the characters of Chindi, one of our top stories of all times. Indians, ghosts, insanity, curses - this one has them all and much more.

The Ghouls

By: Dale Uhlmann

Who knew what horrors would be found in the Iraqi desert? Our author brings us another of his spine-tingling tales. This one is a genuine thriller.


By: Dale Uhlmann

Our American author offers us a mystery of "mythic" proportion. A quiet Ohio town is ravaged by a strange new disease. Is it of natural causes, or something far more sinister?

Walking On The Sun In A Snowstorm

By: Sergio Burns

This Scottish author brings us a tale of relationships gone wrong. His concern for an old friend takes him places he never meant to go. Life can be like that. If you enjoy his style, which we believe you will, stop by our Fiction Reading Area and read his, Blue Vanishing Monday.

The Misadventure of the American Cousin

By: Robert R. Rash

This pastiche is dedicated to the characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Our story finds Sherlock Holmes in his retirement. A fan of Dr. Watson's stories tracks him down on the South Downs and asks for his help. Sherlock did retire to raise bees, you know. His fans continue to believe him to be alive and well to this very day.