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Living The Dream

By: M.B. Hohl

Losing your job is a trauma, especially if you have a dead husband and children to care for. Now add a bit of fantasy and the cover of a People Magazine. What you get is a view into the life of a woman determined to make a go of her life.

The Valentine Heart

By: Katrina Smith-Robson

We all learn to love from someone. Katrina tells us the story of the love that inspired her. Our parents are our first teachers and she celebrates their love.

The Dream Eternal

By: Katrina Smith-Robson

We explore one of the last taboos. What is a middle-aged woman to do when she finally finds her soul mate in a 30 year old body? Will these two find a way to make a life together? What is love? How will it all end? If you like twists in your love stories, you are going to enjoy this one. This story has strong sexual content.

Hearts Of Autumn

By: Drenda Wiley

Young girls are always searching for love. This young woman finds herself in a Southern Baptist family. How will she discover her true self and become a woman? We never know where following our love will take us do we? This story has strong sexual content.

Lonely …

By: 'Shan Akey' (Gaelic for old storyteller)

Here is a story from an Irish author. It has a unique twist. Identity is such a difficult thing to find. Many adults are still searching for who they are. What a lovely trip that can be. This story has strong sexual content.

The Sinner's Tale …

By: Roy Hare

One of our favorite authors takes a chance on a romance story. This story may surprise you.

Somewhere Else In Time

By: Katrina Smith-Robson

Our most popular author returns to the pages of WordShack with another romantic question. Is it possible to fall in love with a man you have considered your friend for 40 years? Can the guyfriend from high school become the love of your middle years? Her erotic style is a treat for all the romantics among us. This story has a twist in that an unidentified male has supplied the thoughts of the man in the story. It makes you wonder whether her stories are fiction or non-fiction. This story has strong sexual content.

A Gift

By: Grahame Atkins

An English husband uses an unusual approach to reignite the romance in his mid-life marriage.