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Genre: Humour | Story Listings

Chickening Out

By: DC Stanfa

With the right attitude an author can find humour in any catastrophy. This author has plenty of attitude.

Driving Lessons

By: DC Stanfa

This excerpt from her book, The Art of Table Dancing: Escapades of An Irreverent Woman reminds us that humour often saves us from ourselves. Remember being an unhappy kid, well when you look at youth from the perspective of age, it all seems like a good time.

A Tale Of Five Bitz

By: Roy Hare

With characters like Wild Bill Hiccup, Albert Cowpony and Wun Lung, our English author takes us to an Old West like none other.

Committee Hostage

By: Bill Shankle

Ever been on a committee? If you have you will laugh as Bill and his wife make their way to the big event. If you haven't been on a committee, read this anyway. It may keep you from saying yes.

Senior Slumber

By: Carolynn Mostyn

The world is growing older and this author reminds us what might be in our future. Maybe not just yet.

Holiday Blues

By: Barrett Kersterlian

This Cypriot author, who resides in England, shares his friends' trip to New York. Let's hope they enjoyed it more than he did.

The Scar

By: L.S. Smith

A baseball, a giant in a plum tree and some very patient parents make up this memory of days gone by. Tragedy and comedy are very close companions. It is all in the way things end.

Computer Blues

By: Barb Chatman

We have all had this day. But few of us have written it down. Our author shares her frustrations and gives us all a voice.

Presents For Thanksgiving

By: Kim Tapié

Thanksgiving can be such a hectic time. This story will give you a boost as you scurry around getting everything done. Uninvited guests can cause some unusual problems.

The Long Wait

By: Roy Hare

If you stand long enough on a London street corner, you are bound to meet someone. Prepare your eyes for a bit of "cockney speech."

Gone Fishin'

By: Kailyne Waters

This lesbian "coming of age" tale will have you remembering your own early attempts at being cool, regardless of your sexual orientation. The author will have you laughing your way through the Ladies Locker Room.

Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Laundresses

By: Bill Shankle

Here is a unique, to say the least, way to view immigrants. Keeping in mind that most of us have some in our families, laugh along with us as we get a new perspective.