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The Day He Left

By: Peter Dominic Walls

Few of us know the day our childhood ended. This author does. He shares the unthinkable with us. Coupled with his loving story of his mother's death, the story of the last day he saw his father is a powerful tribute to a man he still loves and emulates. Des Walls lives on in 12 talented children.

A Very Special Goodbye

By: Peter Dominic Walls

A loving son shares the story of the passing of a remarkable woman. This Irish mother of 12 children lost her husband 40 years ago in a plane crash. When it finally came time to say goodbye, the transition from this world to the next was no less extrodinary than her life had been. This true account is a tribute to all mothers, both the living and the dead.

Code Of Honour

By: Peter Dominic Walls

As a young man, this Irish author found himself in America. The experience of finding his way in a strange land is a lovely tale for Summer. Well, he was "The Ice Cream Man.

Does He See The Sparrow Fall?

By: Bob Stubenrauch

This touching story of a father's love and a son's tragedy will move your heart to tears. Grab your dear one's and give them a hug and kiss.

A Place on the Beach

By: Wayne Eggleston

The ocean, is the great mother of us all. She holds us in her arms and heals our pain. This powerful testiment will move you.

StarShine Stories - Part One

- Part Two

- Part Three

By: Betty K. Onyett

This Trilogy of wonderful stories are true episodes that offer fresh insights into everyday encounters. They exemplify the very best of the writer's art. Observation is the first gift any author needs. These are great little stories to share.

Inspired By Nature

By: Falguni Mukherjee

The gods of this world speak to us in so many ways. A garden in India was the site of this conversation about hope, love and loss. Is our love of nature somehow based in a human desire to understand the cycles of life? Is it an accident that nurture and nature sound so much alike?

A Friend Indeed

By: Janet Britton

When tragedy strikes, who can you turn to? Our author's experience will lift your spirits as she shares a very personal cancer experience.

Mama And Mr. Moody

By: Dorothea Boyd Wolfe

Our author takes us to a lovely time in America. Families had time for church and prayer meetings and being kindn to strangers. And a hero might look just like your father.

A Day In The Great Depression

By: Bob Stubenrauch

A good deed can last a lifetime. This story may remind you how valuable the little things in life are. Memories are what life is made of. This author has such a way with words.

Driving Lessons

By: Kailyne Waters

The decisions that are made for us as children and those we make for ourselves as adults can have tragic consequences. Once lost on a detour, is there a way back? Sometimes, if we are lucky. Read of one young woman's struggle to make a life for herself and her children.

'Rolling Oranges'

By: Grahame Atkins

Open a window on Good Friday, 1965 as our English writer remembers his adventure. Spend a day on a Dunstable hill and look inside the mind of a child. Boys really are different!