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By: Sergio Burns

If you love a good story tied up in knots of plot then this story is for you. Sergio has a real talent for transporting his readers to places unknown.

Easter Egg

By: Abdulmajid Abdullah Ahmad Dabbas

Easter may be the oldest holiday in the world. Of course, it wasn't always called Easter. The egg has been a symbol of rebirth and spring from the beginning of time. Our author offers a different understanding of this best of holidays.

In A Lonely Place

By: Abdulmajid Abdullah Ahmad Dabbas

The Holiday Seasons always bring up our memories. This story is no different. Although the memories are very different than most. This work reminds us why immigrants make America a stronger place. The Jordanian author is an excellent storyteller. We know you will enjoy this new author to the pages of WordShack.

The Makeover

By: Dale Uhlman

One of our favorite authors returns to us with a new story. Who among us hasn't wished for a fresh start? If plastic surgery seems an answer, then read on, but make sure you aren't in the house alone.

Adios Johnny

By: Jack Mason

Many a great author has come from North Carolina. We think this one has a lot of talent. Like good lives, a good story can go back and forth in time. This one does by carefully weaving the words.

A Place on the Beach

By: Wayne Eggleston

The ocean, is the great mother of us all. She holds us in her arms and heals our pain. This powerful testiment will move you.

The Other Side of the Moon

By: Miss Rachelle B. Villegas

We are proud to bring you the work of a new author to the pages of WordShack. She comes to us from The Philippines. She tells us a story of friendship. Sometimes, the friend may be imaginary. But, the imagination has an odd way of becoming reality. A story of duel personalities both trying to live.

Sometimes We Cry

By: Linda Clark

This story is powerful and for adults. How many of us wish for the gentle days of the 1950's? Little did we know what was going on in those quiet well kept suburban homes. This is a brave reminder of where we have come from and how far we may still have to go.

A Carolina Christmas

By: Lynda Blankenship

Christmas is a time for the making of memories. It need not be a time for going into debt. Our author shares a Christmas made special by love and a bit of creativity.

Wired Sky

By: Sergio Burns

One of our most popular authors returns with a new tale to tell. His gritty style is clearly at play in this adult story. The language is strong and earthy, but he does paint a picture.

The Best Laid Plans

By: Ron Luikart

Ever wish you could leave your worries behind you? Who hasn't? This story may make you appreciate what you have.

A Depression Christmas

By: Bob Stubenrauch

Christmas is always a time to remember. In this day of too much of everything, our author reminds us of a time when it was the simple things that mattered, and 3/4's of a dollar could create a holiday.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

By: Sergio Burns

Take a tour of Scotland in the winter. Our author takes us on a trip to far off places. Are those goosebumps? Bundle up, it could get chilly.

The Girl

By: Roy Hare

Inspired by a newspaper photograph, this story reveals the mind of the writer. Always intrigued by new ideas, he offers us a walk in the snow. Strange what can happen when you aren't expecting it.

The Tree Topper

By: Amber Costello

This author offers a holiday story. Remember, all those trees you have decorated over the years? What stories you could tell of Christmas Past.

Judgement Day

By: Dale Uhlmann

Juries seem to much in the news of late. But, is justice ever really done? This story willl explore the possibility of a higher court and the true meaning of karma. This author is one of our most popular. He has quite a worldwide following, so don't miss this opportunity to read his latest.

Better Best Forgotten

By: Rachelle B. Villegas

An author from the Philippines brings us a bitter sweet memory. The last dance can linger for years in our hearts.

The Big Freeze

By: Roy Hare

Our English author brings us a story of "living with father." Not an easy man to get along with. This family finds its way in the freezing cold of hardship. Written in accented form, those aren't spelling errors.

Rome Beauty

By: Amber Costello

If you have just a few minutes why not read this interesting trip into insanity. It comes complete with snacks.

The Bones

By: Bill Wucinich

Do you ever get the feeling too many of us have replaced our real lives with the stories we see on television? Here is a fun story of imagination running wild.

A Tale of Two Woes

By: Carolynn Rae

Each new year brings it's own challenges, joys and heartaches. Our author shares a story of survival.

The End Of Miller City

By: Bill Wucinich

A Teacher discovers an alarming trend in her students. Frustrated by the system, she looks for ways to help.

The Rosary

By: J. Paulette Forshey

A Wiccan celebrates the Mother Goddess, the oldest religion in the world. How do these worshipers of the ancient beliefs fit into our modern world? You be the judge.

Conversation With God

By: Karen Kish

Have you ever imagined the worst day of your life? This author invites you to join her on a trip we all dread. Have faith, you will return safely to your easy chair.

Blue Vanishing Monday

By: Sergio Burns

This hard hitting story of friends experimenting their way through life may leave you wondering about the world we all live in. Is right still right, is anything truly wrong today? The Author's Introduction will give you a glimpse at how a story is born.

If Not For The Cats

By: Linda Hillen

Cats, you've got to love them. That statement may be more true than you imagine. This story takes you to a fantasy world which may be real. What if the ancient Egyptian had it right? What if cats rule the afterlife? If you have ever been mean to a cat, you might want to apologize while you still have time.