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Genre: Children
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The Inside, Outside, Upside-Down Side

By: M. Kinney-Bartolomucci

Read my book, I'm sure you'll discover.......
a world that's unlike any other.

Inside our brain there is a "land" called our imagination.
It can be fun, and never, ever takes much concentration.

This land is a "fun" place that helps us think and grow,
Our imaginations can take us any place, anywhere we want to go.

If we close our eyes, just pretend, there's so much that we can see.
But no! don't close your eyes just yet, please read along with me.

If everything was backwards, how strange this world would be,
a fish could ride your bicycle,
and you'd live in the sea.

You don't need lots of expensive toys to have some real fun.
You can turn the pages and look at the pictures.
It's as easy as 3, 2, 1.

What if hot is cold and cold is hot?
then what we thought is real, really is not!

What if high is low and low is high,
should I reach down to touch the sky?

You'd turn on the lights to sit in the dark,
and not have fun when you play in the park.

If this world was upside down, but we're still right side up,
we would need a helicopter to pick a buttercup.

In a world of make-believe, there is nothing we can't do.
so use your imagination, just pretend, and see where it takes you.

Your sleeves would cover up your legs as you slip into your coat,
and the whirling sound you hear above, is not a plane, but boat.

What if down is upand up really is down,
where would I reach to touch the ground?

If No means Yes, and Yes means No,
should I stop when the sign says Go?

If the bottom is really on top,
should I go when the sign says Stop?...NO!!!

If this world was upside down, what would you like to see,
the birds flying downside up or swimming in the sea?

Although pretending is just a game, it can be fun to play.
Play it with your friends to make them laugh,
even on a cloudy day.

You'd walk on your hands and with your feet comb your hair,
can you imagine your toes wiggling up there???

If a right turn is left and a left turn is right,
would I go to bed in the morning and get up at night?

You would wear your wooly socks high up on your head,
and stay up all night, when it's time for bed.

If everything was backwards, how silly it would be.
Bugs could sin us lullabies and birds would sting like bees.

With a little concentration, your imagination can take hold.
Imaginations last a lifetime, you'll never, ever grow too old.

If summers turn cold and winters are hot,
does it mean what I have I really haven'tgot?

If you cry when you're happy and you laugh when you're sad,
then what's right is wrong and what's good is bad.

If we wished upon a star, we would reach down to the sky,
hold the star gently in our hands, while rocket ships zoom by.

Pretending is a wonderful thing. It can take you anywhere.
If you want something fun to do, your imagination is always there.

If North is really South and East is really West,
when I've done nothing at all, does it mean I've done my best?

There are all types of fancy computers, and toys of every kind,
but everything you really need is there inside your mind.

If a dog could "meow"and a cat could "bark"
then the sun would shine at night and the daylight would be dark.

All the rivers would flow upstream,
And in your'd make ice cream.

If snowflakes are hot and the sun is cold,
will I still be "young at heart" even when I'm old?

There's just one more thing, and I know this to be true.
No one else can make you happy, no one else but you!

So if you ever feel even a "glimmer" of sadness,
play the "backward" game, fill your heart with gladness.

Just as I used my imagination to write these words for you,
now use your imagination to see what YOU can do.

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