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Genre: Children
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McFee and EllaLee

By: Amy Temple

Mr. Cavendish Brandon Ian McFee
Had just laid down
By his wife, EllaLee.
It was a cold, winter night
Full of deep snow
And the fire in the hearth
Let off a nice glow.
The cat on the quilt
Was purring and warm
And McFee tried quite hard
Not to wiggle and squirm
As he settled himself
Deep in the bed
Waiting for sleep
To fill his bald head.
Now Mrs. McFee had just started to snore
When a loud sound came crashing
Against the front door.

"Good grief, McFee. What on earth was that?
Go get the rifle. I'll get the bat!"
Well Mr. Mcfee was a quite smallish man.
He was not very big and not very bold
And really, my friends, quite terribly old.
He wanted to do nothing
But bury his head
Under the covers and pretend to be dead.
But Mrs. McFee would have none of that.
"Get up, old McFee. I'm getting the bat!"
So poor, wobbly, nobbly, old Mr. McFee
Went belly crawling to the cabin front door
To peek out the curtain
And slyly explore

But something happened and he could look no more
For all of a sudden
Much faster than a wish
Something flashed by the window
And made a loud swish
And then it started to stomp, kick and bay
And the front of the house, it started to sway.
"Oh, merciful heavens. What can it be?"
Said his very scared wife, sweet EllaLee.
"Look out there and tell me, Mr. McFee."
But the sound only got louder
Like the house would fall down
And the McFees they did shudder
And grimace and frown.
While they listened to the stomping and chomping
and scraping and scratching
The creaking and sqeaking and crawling and bawling
The raging and ranting and panting and more
What was that sound and who would explore?
So poor old wiggly, shaky Mr. McFee
Finally pulled back the curtain
And did he see??
Out on the porch?? Oh, what could it be??????

It wasn't a monster, a ghoul or a ghost
Or the very thing he hated the most
A vampire, witch or mean grizzly bear
No really, I swear,
The thing that invaded the peace of the night
Would still give anyone a really big fright
For out on the porch all that scratching and bawling
Was from a really huge beast
Who one night came a calling
When McFee finally looked
He had no excuse
He had to do something
There was a moose on the loose!

Now a moose can be frightful, scary and more
A moose could come crashing right thru the front door
Then old McFee and his wife and old kitty cat
Would just end up as one really big SPLAT!

So, he had to do something
Something quite fast
Something to keep them
Safe…that would last.

So McFee he did totter across the wood floor
And he opened up the old fridge door
He grabbed some carrots, and lettuce
And a bright, red, apple
Some broccoli, blueberries
Two bottles of Snapple
He got out some peas
Bananas and corn
And trying not to look too forlorn
Said to his wife, the dear EllaLee
"I'm going outside.
Now please pray for me!"

He opened the door with a shudder and creak
And walked on outside
Though he couldn't speak
For staring above him
About 7 feet tall
Was the biggest, oldest moose
So hungry and all
That McFee started dropping
The food on the ground
One piece at a time
So it could be easily found.

And a funny thing happened
That cooooold winter night
That had nothing to do
With danger or fright
Both McFee and the moose
Began to calm down
And the moose followed McFee
To the edge of the town.

"You're just hungry, old boy."
Said McFee to the moose.
"But you sure scared me and my missus
When you were first loose.
But now I know better
For this I can see
You were just hungry
And not out to get me."

The moose he kept chomping
And eating the food
But there was a very perceptible
Change in his mood.

And the night stars twinkled
Alone in the sky
And the snow crunched softly
As they passed by.

Now you may think
That this is the end
But it's really a beginning
For McFee made a friend.

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