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Never Ever Bring This Up Again

By: Shane Kennedy

A long awaited new story from WordShack's Number One Author. Quid is back with a new adventure. Enjoy the imagination of this talented Canadian author as you get to work in that spring garden.

The White Robed Man

By: Peter Dominic Walls

Glenterrace is a small town and when a stranger shows up at the pub, it is an occasion for mystery. Is he man or myth?

This Craziness Called Life

By: Olivia Puffer

An author, who became a WordShack member, is using her free 5000 words to exibit her talent. There is much more to the story. We think she is a marvelous author, so we do hope she shares more with our readers.

Dead Man's Face

By: Dale Uhlmann

Ripped from the headlines, this story discusses issues of love and extreme hate. The kind of hate this world has produced. It is truly a horror story. This is an adult story with extreme violence. It is not for the faint hearted. Have we become immune to the horrors our nations perpetrate upon the world? Seeing it in two men is a lesson we all need to learn.

Grandmother's Child

By: Annie S. Swan

This story is as relevant today as when it was written over a hundred years ago. Children still don't take their parent's advice. This tale of loss and redemption will take you to an England which seems cold and hard to us today. Have we changed? Written in the style of the time, you will be able to enjoy word usage and punctuation now quite extinct.

Just Keeps Rolling On

By: Laura Sheridan

A bit of debate went on about which Reading Area to put this excellent small story into. It could have been Science Fiction, it could have been Travel, Humour or even Mystery. If you have ever wondered about the afterlife, here is an interesting proposition for you to ponder.

The Golem

By: Dale C. Uhlmann

Lucky us! Another visit to the mysterious and weird world of this author. The ancient Jewish folktale of The Golem comes to life. A facinating and entertaining vision.

The Iron Box

By: Bill Wucinich

Did you resolve to get more organized? Here is a story to get you on your way. Or maybe just to make you rethink the value of being organized.