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Genre: Poetry
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Cherry Blare

By: Roy Hare

This is the sad tale of, Cherry Blare,
Did a deal, that was not square,
After dialogue, with a Peter Foster,
Known to the police, as an imposter.
Introduced, by a friend named Carol,
A rotten apple, from the barrel.
Foster said to naive Cherry.
"I can help, your troubles to bury.
Let's get together, for a chat,
I'll fix you up with a luxurious flat."
"Oh what a nice thing, that you do,
I'm not greedy, but have you got two?"
Sucking his breath, back through his teeth,
Foster thought, 'Ello, 'ello, a fellow thief.
Cherry couldn't see, the trouble brewing.
"A flat for me, and one for Euin.
Within his flat, the little tyke,
Can get drunk, just when he like(s)."
"My dear Cherry, I'll put it in hand,
It'll only cost you, a couple of grand.
And while you're at it, old limey sport,
A matter for you, to give some thought.
Those Ozzy cops are on my trail,
Trying to lock me, in their jail.
Looking at me. Who would have thought,
I was a criminal, you would deport.
So Cherry mate, pull some strings,
You must know people, who can do things,
And if I stay, in this country fair,
I'll even vote, for hubby Blare."
As usual Cherry, got in a mess
Her dealings found out, by the press,
When Tony heard, about her sinning,
'Doctors' at number ten started spinning.
With half truths, and lots of evasions,
Suitable just, for these occasions,
They spread the word out, far and wide,
Beautiful Cherry's, got nothing to hide.
Who could believe, the lying mare,
Controller of, old Tony blare.
Press and public, you can bet,
Will never let this pair forget.
So remember well, if you come to power,
Never let, your world turn sour.
Always do everything, legal and right,
Be like Persil. Whiter than white.

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