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Genre: Poetry
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Love Is

By: Roy Hare

Love is like, an old suit, fitting every nook and cranny
Creased and crumpled, a bit threadbare
But it fits you everywhere. Under the arms
Round the middle, even places where you've gone to waste.

Putting love on, it's a perfect drape
Sometimes knocked, a bit out of shape
With a bit of care, and pressed up tight
Things will soon be, once again, right

When the suit goes away, we fret and worry
Come back soon. Do please hurry
All fresh and new, after many years
Creased with laughter, damp with tears
With suits and love, we are such gluttons
It is no wonder, we sometimes burst the buttons

No One Was There

When I was born, it was not fair, doctors, mid-wife, were not there
I tell you friends, it was a scare
No one was there

You may think this strange and queer, to have no one, anywhere near
Even my mother, was having a beer
No one was there

As I stood, at the altar's side, looking anxiously, for my bride
That was when I nearly cried
No one was there

Walking down a country lane, suddenly I felt a pain
I cried out loud, but all in vain
No one was there

Climbing up a very steep hill, I remembered not taking that pill
As I lay, so very still
No one was there

At my grave, the vicar prayed, solitary figure that he made
Friends, relations, flowers delayed
No one was there

Surfing heaven on a cloud, wind a-whispering, through my shroud
Though I shouted, very loud
No one was there

Hammering on Saint Peter's gate, wondering what would be my fate
All I did was, wait, wait, wait and wait
No one was there

A little haunting, I had to do, round old castles, I once flew
A hundred years, without one 'BOO'
No one was there

This is my tale, of a life and hereafter, a sorry tale that gets much dafter
Because, I can hear, the sound of laughter
But no-one is there

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