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Genre: Poetry
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Poems For The Women

By: Vincent DiGiacomo

Grandmother's Funeral

From the eyes of a meek child
A grandmother is God-like in many ways.
Fond remembrances of
warmth, good food, togetherness and comfort
that fed our minds as well as our hearts.
Grand Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother,
A presence in our lives who will not be forgotten
as she is at peace.

It is not explained why things happen as they do
and why we begin, but it all has a reason.
Birth -- Revelation -- Passing
We are all established in
the momentum of the universe.
Consequences, coincidences stir
in an area without color,
and then begins with the opening of the womb
and ends with the closing of the tomb.
Love is the Power
Life is the Mechanism
Mind is the Architect.

Written For My Mother

A mother to a son equals
that of the air around an eagle's wing
and the beauty of each new sunrise.
A bond exists that is simultaneous
with the four elements…
earth, fire, wind and water.
A fifth is present only to the heart,
and that is love.
With age comes wisdom and grace,
her five is but a compilation of herself.
With each new theatrical
accomplishment she is alive.
A son to a mother equals everything in nature,
and cannot be substituted by anything artificial.
A mother's love in the life of the son
is in the presence of God.
With one hold of his hand
all light shall shine around us.

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