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Genre: Poetry
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Blues And Twos

By: Roy Hare

I took a ride in an ambulance
Thro' the traffic we did a dance
Sometimes a waltz then a fast number
Overtaking vehicles with a flashy rumba
Siren blaring, cars move over to the side
The ambulance did a palaise glide
As we travelled the bumpy road
Round my veins the aspirin flowed
Tests on blood pressure, and ECG
To find out what was wrong with me.
Oxygen level was down a bit
No wonder I wasn't feeling fit
Round roundabouts at speed we fled
Across the junctions with lights at red
Arriving at hospital in very good time
Gave me the inspiration for this rhyme.
Into a cubicle onto a bed
'I'll find a nurse.' Someone said
The nurse arrived with the ECG
To find out what was wrong with me
Sticking electrodes on my skin
Then connecting wires to the machine
I opened my eyes and saw the sign
"The monster was made here by Frankenstein."

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