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Genre: Poetry
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A Cricket Outside My Window

By: Barbara Malavite

There's a cricket outside my window
It's there every night
It used to drive me crazy
Now, it sounds just right

He sings and chirps and plays his song
A sweet, sweet melody
like a lullaby all night long
he shares his gift with me

I used to lay awake in bed
and try to go to sleep
With covers tightly on my head
I'd even tried counting sheep

The noises and shadows made me scared
I must confess, it's true
but then a cricket and a tune he shared
through my window flew

He said to me there's no need to fear
I'll keep watch at night
I will sing my song and stay very near
and chase away the fright

The cricket he's my friend
and helps me through tough times
Upon him I have come to depend
at night when the full moon shines

So I'll protect him at all cost
I'll keep him safe from harm
Without his song I would be lost
It's like a lucky charm

The crickets are part of our world the Earth
Don't chase them away
They're living creatures full of worth
Let's give them a place to stay

So, when it's dark and fear abounds
don't let it over come you
Just open your window, enjoy the sounds
and let the crickets serenade you

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