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Genre: Poetry
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By: J. Paulette Forshey

One Thirst Entwines

Least you misunderstand my need,
O' supple flesh of innocent blush,
To sweet caress my tongue does plead,
One gentle nip and a hunger may feed.

Nourishment of life through me does flow,
Upon a body's and mind's strength I feast.
Dark and rich over lips, I savor your glow,
Toward a beckoning call some name beast.

Ecstasy's tremble in my arms you feel, not fear.
Fragrant breath from your soft mouth, or mine?
A sigh of blissful surrender as I draw you near.
Once two hearts beat, now one thirst entwines.

Innocent no more by Eternity's kiss.
A shared Immortality's lustful bliss.

Men and Me

I like men.
Tall men, short men, thin men, fat men.
Men with long flowing hair,
men with neat executive cuts,
men with smooth hairless heads.
I like men.
Men in jeans,
men in suites,
men with birthday suites
I like men.
To some my statement
is a threat.
To some my statement
makes them laugh.
To my statement some make their own.
"I bet SHE really does LIKE men!"
But unlike some,
I am wiser than that.
A friendship to me
is more important
than seven minutes
in the "sack".
I have ONE man
a man I love,
for that.
All the rest
I count as FRIEND.

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