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Genre: Poetry
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Poetry Of The Spirit

By: James A. Pocza

Flight/Fright Is Over

To all surviving family members, friends of that heroic flight.

A chilling crisp clear September morn
Passengers boarded the flight for a distant destination
Happiness was abound as the lift off was smooth
Glancing out the window many saw leaves adorned

Early Fall leaves showing their beginning glory
Dew drops of moisture still on the leaves
Was trickling down upon each descending lower leaf
Each awaiting hungrily the next nourishing droplet to fall

Soon these sights will vanish from their sight
The clouds seen now were soft as white puffy cotton
The Pilot announced over the speakers, we have been hijacked.
All terrified, yet calm, they began their prayers and phone calls

Because of their unselfish desire to overcome adversity
The terrorist threat was squashed, and a larger disaster plot was diverted
Two charging words still are heard in our hearts and minds
Generations and nations shall remember, these shouted words

"Lets roll"

The unsung now sung heroes for years to come.
All 40 passengers, Pilot and crewmembers on
Flight 93 arrived at Heaven, Gate One

ON TIME….September 11, 2001

Author's Comments: "This write was inspired by recent visit to the temporary memorial. By His Grace, we give our humble gratitude. Their names are now preserved on sacred ground who showed the power of Faith, Hope and unselfish Love possible in the face of death."

Penniless Angels

To all poets around the world.

Penniless Angels ride the soft clouds
Like poet Doves of Earth who pen words
Words descending like angel dust
Enlightening our hearts and minds
Waves of words to feed creativity
All given in love /received from above

Author's comments: "Inspiration can come at any given moment like this write was given in love."

Bathtub Miracle

To my wife, children, family, friends and poet friends

There was a time for me when all hell broke loose
while in the military where I served on foreign soil.
I acquired a germ called Malaria. Pills, pills none
of these given healed me. It was also established.

I had contacted "Jungle Rot" on both feet and toes.
The flesh on my toes was slowly being eaten away
over an 18-year period of time. Working many long
hard hours and at the same time serving the Lord
and His people in my church with a pain and stench
from feet that was very putrid. Only known to my
family and children and very close friends.

One day after work and having some extra time before
my evening church meeting, I took a much-needed
slow relaxing tub bath. Feet propped up out of the
water, for the water created sharp pains on toes.

Not to test the Lord, but I asked a question.
"Jesus, am I really walking and doing what you want
me to do in your church? " Suddenly, a couple of tears
trickled down my cheeks from both eyes. I quickly
wiped them dry and removed myself from the bathtub.

Seating myself to pat dry my feet and toes, I felt my
towel was not hurting my feet as usual to wipe,
I began sobbing and sobbing out loud, for both
my feet were instantly healed, PRAISE THE LORD!

At the same time a scripture passage was given to
me that I heard in Spirit, ISAIAH 52:7.
"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet
of him who brings good news." AMEN AND AMEN.

Author's Comments:" Just one of the many miracles I have received from the Lord. Peace, Love and Joy be with all who read this. P.S. I love going barefooted now !!!"


While shopping for weekly groceries
I was going down the taxable aisle
In search of rolls of toilet paper
I reached up high to a pile.

The toilet paper, stacked on a rack
Don't squeeze the Charmin pack
TV commercials always point out
So I handled gently no flack.

Throwing it in the shopping trolley
my beloved behind me I thought,
I never bothered to look around,
and a lesson there I was taught.

The same time I said I am desperate
To have a pee, I quickly must go
when I heard a voice behind me
Sir, there's something you ought to know.

This sir is not your trolley
and as for you needing a pee,
I can see that you are desperate,
But why are you telling me.

Blushing and red from embarrassment
My beloved appeared on store floor
I told her the trouble I'd got myself in.
We all laughed like never before.

Author's Comments: "A true situation of maximum embarrassment that happened to me recently."

Four Cornerstones

To all who are builders of HIS Kingdom

Each corner has a special stone
and every stone a special place
Neither which can stand alone
and each must have its perfect place

The first shall not be last one laid
Nor shall the last be laid before
Faith, Hope, Love and Charity weighed
These then most precious of the four

All of four stones we should applaud
Our lives then paved with perfect trust
Each stone a symbol of the Lord
Foundations set in place for us

Nor of the stones are guilt and sorrow
but part of what life seems to bring
So place your stones with Faith tomorrow
Then praise and thank our heavenly King.

Author's Comments: "Inspired by my beloved, and the many poets who share the Love of the same Lord."


To my Dad and the Man who was in his life and now is in mine.

Dear God above, You who are Infinite, can make the sky so
blue, the grass so green, and the water so cool and clear, can
take from this land a person, a being, You created in the likeness
of Yourself and give him everlasting life. In a Palace that
no mortal man could ever attempt to duplicate here on this Earth.
A Palace that holds eternal life for all who have been so near and dear to Him.

Life, like a burning candle, glows for many years for some,
while others are needed above to carry out His wishes.
Their candle burns out swiftly, like a sudden gust of wind.

That candle, candle of a man, was filled with a once ever-bursting
flame, a bright, shining light and warmth of comfort.
Now his candle burns slightly lower. Flicker, flicker, goes the
light of that once tall proud, humble, shinning candle of a man
until it flickers no more.

That candle, candle of a man, comes forth with a burst
of flame, lit again to lead us through our hours of darkness.
Never once flickering in our time of need. Instead that tall,
proud, humble, candle of a man holds steady that ever
amber glow of life and love.

Silent now, but stronger than ever could be expressed by
mortal words. You can't caress it, squeeze it, or hold it,
but it is yours to cherish until once again you light that
special candle, candle of a man, Jesus, the light of man.


Author's Comments: "A father's love endures forever as my father's love remains with me in time of need."

The Lord's Pre Natal Float

To all who love unconditionally

I remember being safe, in the cozy womb.
My Mom carrying me, into a little room,
No Daddy I heard, or could be found.
Alone in the dark, I heard a sound.

Loud noises now, I want to spout.
Eyes closed, unhappy about to pout.
Doctor probing me, I may be a preemie,
Yippee, I cried, I could come out early.

Two months premature, I've been told.
A little boy, blue, skinny, crying, cold.
I got my first spanking, lungs so strong
although underweight, nothing was wrong.

Years later, strong, and healthy were I.
I questioned the Lord, were you not standing by?
When I was struggling, and turning blue.
HE said, I was the water in the womb that carried you.

Author's Comments: "To any person, child or adult who doubts there is a God, He is with you always in all ways."

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