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Genre: Poetry
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Reflections On The Flag

By: Bob Stubenrauch

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This is our flag
Not of the 'establishment'
Not of one administration or another

This flag means man's striving
Striving for perfect justice
As perfect as mankind can ever be

Some angry few have burned it
Hundreds scorch its meaning daily
Millions more revere it
Even to their death

It doesn't asked to be waved
Or flown from your front porch
Or placed in replica on your windshield

If you live sheltered under this flag
It demands to be respected, honored
It demands you listen, as well as shout
It demands you be informed
As well as opinionated

Not birthright and taxes paid
But concern and compassion for all
Those whose blood dyed its stripes
Is the honor due this flag
When the majority stays silent
Our flag will fly in vain

Blue eyes, white skin - brown eyes, black skin,
Will you break the mold?
Will you walk in the other man's shoes
An hour, a mile, a lifetime?

Under this flag, you must give
As well as take
America is not yet whole
The great dream is not yet spun
But it can be, it can be!

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