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Genre: Poetry
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You Are So Special

By: Kwame P. Campbell

Everyone is special in their own little way
But to me you are special every single day
You are a big part of my life. That's what I have to say
And I hope that no one ever takes you away
You are so special because you make me smile
There is no one else who has that style
So for you I will go that extra mile
Just to make sure that you stay around for a while
You are so special and you're very kind
And I'm really blessed because you are mine
You are the best woman any man could ever find
So for you I know I will leave everything behind
You are so special and its very true
And there's nothing in this world that I won't do for you
The way you feel about me gives me a clue
It tells me that you feel the same way I do
You are so special and I really love you so
That is just the reason why I won't let you go
To me, you are beautiful from head to toe
And whenever you're around me, you do seem to glow
You are so special and you're as sweet as a dove
That should stand out as what you are the meaning of
Like a shining star from up above
You're pouring out all your love

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