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Genre: Short Stories
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Better Best Forgotten

By: Rachelle B. Villegas

When people in our family get together, they spend a great deal of their time reviewing 'the good ol' days'. They speak often of experiences that they might like to relive. As I listen, I search my memory for anything worth living over again, and the only incident I recall at all vividly is one I'll prefer to forget.

It was just an ordinary night, with the full moon adorning the lonely February sky void of stars. An ordinary dinner had been prepared as I await the arrival of the man I loved dearly.

At half past seven, he finally arrived, parked his red Lancer on its usual spot. I ran out the house hurriedly, gave him my tightest embrace and he did the same. Our ordinary way of greeting each other after weeks of being separated because of the nature of his work.

When all the plates were cleared and we had rested a little, he popped a cassette tape on the component and asked me for a dance. Ah, yes, the usual ordinary after dinner dance.

That night, however, the usual ordinary cha-cha and swing music were replaced by Frankie's soothing voice as he sung;

Moon river wider than
a mile
I'm crossing you in
style someday…

I didn't mind. I didn't know how to waltz, but I didn't mind.

You dream maker, you
Wherever you're going,
I'm going your way…

It was the best ordinary night of my life and I wish to forget it ever happened…

Two drifters, off to
see the world
There's such a lot
of world to see…

As we waltzed and swayed to Frankie's serenade, I thought I had seen the world in his eyes, and his arms, wrapped tightly around my body, was the best part of the world I'll ever be.

We're after the same
rainbow's end
Waiting 'round the bend…

When my heavy-lidded eyes betrayed me, he carried me gently upstairs so we could sleep together, still hugging each other.

My huckleberry friend,
moon river and me…

As Frankie ended his song, my king softly whispered in my ears, "Sleep well, my little princess," and tucked me neatly to bed. "I love you," he added, and gave me a little peck on the nose.

It was the usual, ordinary ending to our night.

The night that I would not like to relive; the night that I wished never ended.

For that ordinary night that I danced with my father, was the night he died.

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