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Genre: War or Peace
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Book Two: The Wisdom of Schoolhouse Earth

By: Emslie Dick


AS THE PRESENT Earth Age dwindles on this beautiful blue planet, perhaps we should consider why we are here at this particular time and why some Wise Ones call this planet Schoolhouse Earth.

This excerpt from BOOK TWO, The Wisdom of Schoolhouse Earth will be expanded and included in the soon to be published hard-cover book Shards of the God Power. For your comments on this piece and for information on the new book, send your name, postal address, and e-mail address to the author and to WordShack via the Review This Story button on the upper left of this page.

A special note : Nothing to date has altered the projected time frame of the anticipated planetary "bump" or shift which was mentioned in Wisdom Book One, In This Age of Truth and Light, but 1 March, 2003 was a cosmic benchmark or demarcation for us to choose between the spiritual light or the dark forces. The time frame is short.

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Before the Beginning of Manifestation

In Order to understand ourselves and how we as humans learn and manifest on our planet "Schoolhouse Earth", we must realize or at least accept as a working premise that our Universe is a magnificently wonderful, thinking thing that functions under a strict rule of law. Also, that as Souls, we incarnate as human, to gain earthly experience.

When we begin to understand that all is mind, we also begin to learn that to control our thought is to control circumstances in our lives, conditions in our environment and even our destiny, as individuals and as peoples. As we go further, we will begin to see how our own thoughts shape the quality of love and humanity we personify, our human destiny and our success in the arenas of vocation, business and financial affairs. Also our status in society and even our situation when we leave this planet. We must also remember or perhaps learn that every individual inhabiting planet Earth is a multidimensional being, although, he or she, may not be consciously aware of operating in three dimensions simultaneously.

Why does a Soul leave a virtual paradise to enter this material plane?

Because it is only in this harsh and dense material environment that we are able to learn to master ourselves and learn to take the quantum leaps so that we as spiritual beings might take our rightful places in the great Cosmic plan of the Universe.

Let us begin to think and to examine the reasons why as individuals we are here at this time. We as humans are here to manifest! What do we mean by manifest or manifestation? The literal dictionary definition from The Living Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language is: "that may be laid hold of by the hand, clearly visible to the eye or obvious to the understanding; the exhibition of anything by clear evidence; display; that which displays or reveals; an indication, the appearance in bodily form of a spirit". In other words, something that we can see, feel, taste, or touch. Something "real".

We as humans are here to manifest! To learn to become co-creators with the Father our Creator, the source of our being. We are the front-line tools of our Creator. The tools to create or manifest an earthly paradise when we use our knowledge and abilities properly. We are also capable of plunging the planet into the state known as chaos, when we choose, perhaps through ignorance, to use our knowledge and abilities without discernment for the higher good of planet Earth. The Creator, for whatever reason, gave humankind the right of choice. However, it is only within current human memory that we have gained the knowledge and sources of power to either create this paradise or to destroy life on the planet, as we know it, and to plunge it back into the state of chaos. We must as individuals and societies become very conscious of what we do and learn to listen to our inner guidance, so that we are correct in what we manifest.

We manifest daily in our struggle to survive and provide shelter and food for our families. We also manifest our circumstances such as: barely getting by, wealth, or poverty.

Since we all began the same, and are born the same as beloved children of our Creator, why do we manifest such vastly different lives?

The primary reason is law. We live under the laws or the rules of Universal Mind. These laws are permanent, they cannot be changed. They are known as immutable. We live by them whether we like it or not, and if we are wise, we will learn about them and abide by their rules to make better lives for ourselves. As law under Universal Mind is all pervading and timeless throughout the Universe, it may be used by our Soul or Higher Self, to help us choose the life and circumstances of birth which will give us as individuals the best opportunity in this lifetime to learn through trial and experience what we need to learn in order to advance.

There is law behind manifestation. The Creator used this law to create this planet and all that is this planet. We as children of the Creator may use this same law to provide for ourselves and for our children and communities.

In your search for truth and wisdom, you may have read or heard that what you think, must come to pass, must come out in your life in the physical equivalent of your thinking. You may have noticed in your own life experience, that what you think about will come to pass, that when you brood on lack, you receive more lack but when you think on success, formulate goals and take positive action, there is a change in your circumstances. We are what we are, simply because of what thoughts we allow to enter and remain in our consciousness. The simple truth is that what we think and how we think, controls our lives and our destiny. This is the major reason that we must take charge of what goes into the minds of ourselves and the minds of our children.

The positive side of this, is that we can learn to control our lives and our destinies. That we can learn to manifest or create our lives to perfection by abiding by and using the powers of, Universal Law. The law used by our Creator to create our planet and us, his children.

However, when we realize, or at least accept as a working premise, that our Universe is a magnificent, wonderful, thinking thing and that all is mind, then we must understand, that all exists in mind before manifestation or becoming "real". The "real" is all about us, in buildings, automobiles, space stations, computers and so on but it is a fact that everything that is "real" began and existed in someone's mind before becoming "real".

Our Creator, who is spirit or creative energy, and who cannot be defined by our limited knowledge, first imaged what was to be created, then evolved it in spirit-manifestation. Later bringing it into physical reality or manifestation through evolution, that evolution being a continuous process, and continuing still today.

Note: For the purpose of this work, we must be very clear that the word evolution does not imply the evolution of one species into another such as ape to man or reptiles to birds, nor the doctrine of the descent of all living things from a few simple forms of life, or from a single form. Rather, the meaning of evolution in this work, implies a growth to the highest embodiment or manifestation of what is created or imaged in the Universal Mind of the Creator.

Everything that we see or feel and take for granted, was first imaged in the Universal Mind of the Creator. Divine Laws were set in place to control the material molding of our Creator's imaged creations. Because we are a part of the manifestation which is being molded, we cannot break the Divine Laws and not suffer for our ignorance. In Universal Mind our Creator imaged the pattern for each creation which is spiritual in nature and the law by which the creation draws and controls the substance or material to completion in materiality. This law, activity, or process is known to us as evolution. This process is a part of every pattern that the Creator established for the development of both material and spiritual creations. It is a slow process in our terms of time, as all form moves in and out of matter according to images set in spirit by our Creator for the fulfillment of its complete evolution.

We, that is you and I, can and must learn the steps to manifesting in our own lives, with the realization that it can be a slow process at times. When we understand and are obedient to Divine Law and follow the steps of manifestation as will be explained later, we can often speed up the process as it pertains to our personal lives. It cannot be stressed strongly enough that you and I as individuals living on planet Earth must understand that we are a tiny part of the Universe which was created according to plan and which operates with unchangeable, unalterable laws. The laws were set by the Creator and we have no power to change or overrule them. Therefore, common sense tells us that we should at least understand the laws for our own good. It is not our purpose to outline or to explain the Universal Laws here but we will touch upon those that may pertain to our subject matter.

A fundamental law is that of cause and effect. The student of Universal Law will understand that there is no effect without adequate cause, and that we can begin to control our destiny when we also realize that thoughts are causes and conditions are effects.

It was knowledge of this law which gave rise to the understanding of Karma, a Sanskrit word pertaining to fate or destiny, and the beliefs in Hinduism and Buddhism, that it is the quality of a person's actions in one existence or lifetime which determines his destiny in the next.

We, as individuals must understand that there is no effect without adequate cause. We must think clearly and impersonally and regardless of the consequences, learn and understand how this great law has a huge effect upon each of us. It is a constant law with very serious implications as to how we live our lives here on this planet now and in future lifetimes. It is a very serious, immutable law with dire consequences for those who do not understand it or ignore it.

We must also investigate to understand the basic force of life itself, the very Ether in which we live. Prana, another ancient Sanskrit word, should be investigated and we should learn how this great force, the very soul of energy can be collected, stored and used by us.

Another law that pertains to individuals who desire to use the laws of manifestation, is the law of completion. What has been started, must be finished. There must be closure. What cannot be finished must be dissolved or taken out of service. This can be accomplished by working with the essence or germ that serves as source or seed of the previously intended manifestation or objective. Working with the essence of manifestation at a higher or spiritual level helps us to accomplish our desires and goals more easily and more completely. It does make it easier to accomplish goals and to manifest positive results if the mental clutter can be cleaned up so that new mental programming with specific goals and objectives for the planned manifestation might take root, grow and eventually manifest.

We do not remove the thought which is embedded in the memory banks but rather alert our subconscious mind that we do not want to fulfill the previously desired manifestation and that we desire to let these previous wants or goals to let go.

The basic reason for cleaning up our mental debris is that even though our subconscious mind is very powerful, it does not have the reasoning power of our conscious mind. The subconscious accepts whatever programming it receives as being true and factual. Under the control of an intelligent conscious mind, it will actively go about providing what it believes we want and desire! When it is not under control and is allowed to be programmed with negativity by others, TV and circumstances, its power may ruin our lives and even destroy us.

Many of us have been blocked from success in our adult lives because of the negative programming which our subconscious mind was exposed to when we were too young to guard our own minds. This, remember, is because the subconscious has no reasoning power and the conscious mind has not developed fully, allowing the subconscious to accept whatever is allowed into the subconscious as being true and factual.

It is very common for an individual to read a personal development book and to be very enthusiastic about changing his or her life with new plans, goals and marvelous projections for the future. What is not often taken into consideration in the planning process, is that without cleaning up the debris of the past and completing and dissolving what has been started, at a mental or inner level, the individual most likely will by stymied in his or her manifestation of that objective. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of completing or dissolving what has been started and not completed. This holds true in every area of human life. The past must be completed or dissolved as we advance. Some of us are rooted in past programming which holds us back and yet we wonder why we do not move forward in life.

When using laws of manifestation it is very important to create only those things which will fulfill your deepest needs and or give you the tools to create the best life possible for yourself. It is important that you define what you want, then with this knowledge, create the perfect ideal in your imagination so that you may be able to manifest or embody the best life possible for yourself and for others. Choose your highest ideals and then turn on the fire of your imagination to reach the heights of the divine macrocosmic ideal so that you may make of it your own microcosmic possession.

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Recover the Years the "Locusts of Lack" Have Eaten

Many of us have been subjected to poverty as the "Locusts of Lack" have eaten away at our wealth and our potential for wealth. We despair of our bad luck and misfortune, not knowing that there is in the years of the "Locusts of Lack" a valuable lesson to learn. That if we learn the lessons and have taken appropriate action, we may find ourselves once again on the road to prosperity.

"Locusts of Lack" visit according to law. You will have noticed some children of the rich who squander their inheritance; the winners of a lottery fortune, the overnight media and entertainment sensations, the salesperson or businessperson who strike it lucky, and then lose "everything". We can look about and see that premature wealth can lead to disaster and humiliation, because we cannot retain anything which we have not earned or which we do not merit. Hard as this is, it is law.

A principle which seems to apply here, is that we have a comfort zone about money and other things and if we have not grown into a new comfort zone about money or whatever else we may have, we automatically and unconsciously get rid of it to remain in our comfort zone.

Notice and observe families with old wealth, who have retained their wealth for generations. They use their wealth to create more wealth, support charities, institutions and provide sons and daughters for public service. They teach their young to husband their wealth and not squander it. Their comfort zone with wealth is different from those of us who have not been taught how to handle wealth.

You may have noticed, that some of us, who despite hard work and perhaps initial success are visited by the "Locusts of Lack". This visit, which is often accompanied by ill health and broken marriages, can leave us dismayed by our circumstances. What we usually do not know, is that this visit from the "Locusts of Lack" is to slow us down for spiritual renewal. Despite the efforts of numerous teachers, many of us do not realize that we are first and foremost spiritual entities who are here to learn the law. That we are here to use law to guide us in co-creation with our creator to make this planet Earth a better place for all humankind. Many of us are blind to, or refuse to learn this lesson, and depending upon how we have lived, depart our planet earlier than intended. Others will sense that there is purpose behind their "misfortune" and will attempt to make use of their low period to plan and work towards a richer life. Some of us may realize that we are in the process of paying off our Karmic debt load and that we are advancing on our spiritual path. The foregoing is a harsh lesson and often it can be avoided or used as a blessing.

Whether or not the "Locusts of Lack" have visited, if we desire true wealth, financial stability, success in our personal lives as well as in business, we must plan for and visualize what we desire. In the process we must use both spiritual and man-made laws. We cannot overlook or ignore the rules of the society in which we find ourselves. We must delineate a higher definite purpose that is in alignment with Universal Law, then learn and study the man-made laws of money and success, such as financial planning, time management, cash flow management, marketing, taxes and business planning. To learn whatever is appropriate to help understand and work with the man-made laws of money and success as they now exist. Also, while you are at it, take a moment to think about and list your personal self-generated sources such as intelligence, tenacity, good health, flexibility, experience, daring, inner peace, reputation, faith, dreams and so on. We can also recognize that success is not only in money and wealth, it also includes personal health, marriage, family, home life, business, worship and routines to achieve your goals and the good life.

Something that is not often recognized but is extremely important, is the need to clear away the current life debris of both failures and near successes in all areas of life. To clean up the bad Karma from present and past lives and thank our Creator, our source for the many blessings and learning experiences that we have had. Each one of us has accumulated baggage! It must be removed if we are to achieve our Higher Purpose. The baggage holds us back. It is as if we were walking though life with one leg stuck in a wooden chair. It holds us back from our ultimate success.

Even if you do not believe it, for our purposes, please accept that it could be possible that a higher force or power is involved and is behind our tangible and intangible lives. Please also accept that it is wise not to discuss your intentions or goals with anyone. The exercise that follows should be only between you and your Creator.

Our first step on this process is to list every good thing, your birth, every blessing, individuals in your life including children. Every good thing in your life as far back as your memory goes. You can begin it now and keep adding to it until you have exhausted your memory. This list should include all things tangible and intangible. List everything that you have appreciated having at any time in your life.

The next step is to give a formal prayer of thanks to the Creator or higher energy, or force or however you perceive your Creator. Go through the list, naming names, incidents and so on. Make it as complete as you can. When thanking the Creator or higher power, we suggest that you pray or speak to the Creator, as you perceive your Creator through your culture or teachings in a formal prayerful manner. Go through your lists carefully with the Creator and ask "what have I learned"? You may hear a voice but most likely you will sense your answers from time to time in the following weeks and months. You and I live in a sea of thought and it will be there, at quiet times, that you will get your answers. We also recommend that when you get your answers, write them down immediately, date them and time them, just as you would a dream, as they can escape from your consciousness. (It would be prudent to purchase a suitable hard-covered note-book in which you can record your answers and inspirations. In future years you will be amazed at what you will find written there; it will benefit you.)

Then list in writing all successes you can remember whether they be in romance, marriage, family relationships, business, or over crippling habits such as alcohol, tobacco or drug abuse. Again formally and reverently thank your Creator for these successes.

Next, make a list of all your failures: in school, romance, marriage or partner relationships, business ventures, jobs and so on. Be honest with yourself and list everything. You do not need to show the list to anyone.

Again, with formality and dignity go through the list, one by one, with your Creator and ask of each incident, "what lesson can I take from this experience"?. Again it may take some time before the learned lesson is revealed to your consciousness or you may already be benefiting from the experience. Learn what needs to be learned from the negative, then move on, do not dwell on it. Do not put any energy into past failures or anything that is negative. Most of us are walking around with a load of mental toxins created from our crashed dreams. You may not be aware of this but everything every thought or word listened to or spoken by you has been recorded and is in your memory banks as well as the memory banks of the Universe. These memory banks that go back to the beginning of the planet are called the Akashic impressions or the Akashic Records.

It is important to know that the past is dead. It is not here! This moment only, is eternity. Right now is your life. Living in the past is an illness. Therefore we examine the past for lessons and observe where our Karma has taken us. Examine the good and the bad with your Creator. Bring closure to anything that has not been completed and is not going to be completed. In other words free yourself and go on.

Karma, particularly Karma carried over from previous lifetimes is a more serious and difficult matter to deal with. Taking another's life or taking ones own life is very serious and the law of Karma is very heavy and must be paid for on this planet in often dreadful ways.

Three categories of Karma are known to us and one of these cannot be touched as that is what brought you to this dimension and keeps you here. The other two may be paid for by your own suffering and deeds or in some cases be burned off, by a competent living Master. Some of you who are reading this may have been preparing yourselves and have evolved spiritually and may be ready to meet a spiritual Master. We all have that potential but we also have to have learned a particular lesson or lessons to bring us to that point of spiritual evolvement where we are ready to meet such a Master. They do exist. As the old adage goes, "When the pupil is ready, the Master appears".

Not all Karma is bad! Some of you are living blessed lives because of who you were and what you did in previous lives. Karma is a very interesting but very misunderstood reality that is worthy of study.

About the Author

Emslie Dick, a Canadian by birth, a Scot by ancestry, is a common man who has only attended publicly funded schools. His livelihood and real education was earned by working in foundries, factories, mines, retail stores, government offices, the military, and various publishing companies.

His interest in the verities of human life was sparked as a young airman in 1951, when he found in the library of his RCAF training school, an obscure book, which led to a lifetime of private research and study. He resides in Toronto.

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