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Genre: Young Authors
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Peter Pan and the Mermaids

By: Elizabeth Ecart, Age 6

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell were going to see the mermaids. Peter asked what story they would like to hear. One of the mermaids found a starfish and put it in her hair. That night, Tinkerbell was sitting on a leaf and nasty Mr. Smee grabbed her and took her back to the evil Captain Hook.

He was looking at a map trying to find Peter Pan's hideout, but in the meantime he locked Tinkerbell in a glass cage.

Back at the river, in Peter Pan's hideout, a little girl was picking apples for The Lost Boys tea. That night, she slept on a very high mattress.

The very next day, the little girl went to find the mermaids. In the meantime, Peter Pan had rescued Tinkerbell and they all went to find The Lost Boys. They were already having tea, and as it was quite late, the little girl cried out "Time for bed!"

Before they went to sleep, one of the lost boys asked the little girl if they could go and see the mermaids the next day. She thought a little while, and finally said, "Yes."

The next day, they all went to see the mermaids and had a well deserved ice cream.

The little girl then said, "What shall we do tomorrow?"

Peter Pan smiled back and said, "Just wait and see!" The next day, Peter Pan took the girl and tried to think of a way of getting them home. Tinkerbell had no pixie dust left so she couldn't give any to the little girl.

While Peter Pan was thinking about new ideas, the evil Captain Hook captured him. Hook said to Peter, "This time you will not get away, I will keep you forever."

Some hours later, the little girl managed to find Captain Hook, and said to him that he could never win as long as there was pixie dust and faith in friends. She then flew up in the air and managed to rescue Peter Pan, and they all went to see the mermaids.

A mermaid suddenly leaped out of the sea, and said to Peter that the sea had changed colour, it had turned from blue to brown. Peter was very worried and said he would find the Sea Witch the next day.

The Sea Witch was sleeping at the bottom of the sea; Peter woke her up and asked why the sea had changed colour. The Sea Witch said that her sea colour-mixing machine had broken down. Peter and the Sea Witch managed to mend it, and soon the sea had turned blue again.

Peter Pan returned to his secret hideout with the lost boys and the little girl. The lost boys asked Peter Pan if they could see the mermaids. Peter said, "No, go to sleep, it is very dark already."

The next morning, Tinkerbell woke up and managed to find some Pixie Dust. She waved her magic wand and the little girl returned to her bed in her own world.

Peter Pan said to the little girl, I will come back and visit soon, and we can go on another adventure with Tinkerbell, the lost boys and the mermaids.

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