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Genre: Young Authors
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The RunAway Horse

By: Jordan Thorn, Age 8

Chapter 1

I am a little girl named Sara. I live on a farm. One morning I went out to the barn. I was going to take my horse for a ride. So, I got the saddle and I walked out to her stall and I did not see her. The gate was open and she was gone. I dropped the saddle and ran into the house and shouted, Vanessa is gone. My parents and I ran to the stall but Vanessa was still not there. I started to cry. My Daddy said he would go look for her. He asked if I wanted to go. I wiped my tears and said yes. Daddy grabbed the rope and jumped into the car, I followed him.

Chapter 2

We drove and drove but we did not see her. I started to cry again. My Daddy said that we had to keep looking for her. But I kept crying. I really miss Vanessa. I know you do said my Daddy. I am looking as hard as I can. Then daddy's cell phone rang. Daddy picked up the cell phone and he flipped it and said hello. It was Mother and she asked where we where. Daddy said that we are in Madison Wisconsin. I found Vanessa, Mother said. You did, said daddy. We will be right there said Daddy. And he hung up and said that Mother found Vanessa.

Chapter 3

I started to scream and scream. I was so HAPPY !!!! Daddy turned around and we headed home. We finally got home and I ran to the barn and I saw Mother with VANESSA!!! I ran to Vanessa and I hugged her and I got all excited again. But then I stopped. I looked at her foot and said to Mother, this is not Vanessa. Mother said of course it is. No it is not because Vanessa's back left foot was brown not black. It was black. No, it was brown.

Chapter 4

I went back into the house, and Daddy came to Mother and asked what happened. Mother said that Sara said that it is not Vanessa. Daddy said OF COURSE IT IS. Well, said her Mother, Sara said that it isn't because Vanessa's back left foot was brown, not black, and all 4 legs are black. The horse had been listening and then the horse stomped her back left foot 3 times and it went clop, clop, clop on the wooden floor. Then both of the parents looked at her back left foot and it was BROWN!!! Then both of them ran up to my room and hollered Vanessa is here and then the family ran outside, yes it is Vanessa - look at her back left foot. IT IS VANESSA, I said. Then the family got all excited and I took Vanessa for a ride. On my ride I saw a horse that looked just like Vanessa. The horse was heading right to my house. I started wondering if the horse I was riding was not Vanessa. I wondered and wondered and then I decided that I would go home and find out what was going on. And so I did. I saw that that the horse I saw on the ride did look exactly like Vanessa. I remembered that Vanessa had a scar right above her nose.

Chapter 5

Vanessa got the scar when I was taking her for a ride and she was not paying attention and she scraped her nose on a sharp branch. And if that was me that would really hurt. I looked at the horse that I had been riding; I looked at the same horse again. I looked right above her nose and there was no scar. I looked at the other horse and looked right above her nose and there was a scar and I knew in an instant that it was Vanessa!!!! I ran into the house and pulled my parents out to the barn and I pointed straight ahead but then her parents said that they did not see any thing.

Chapter 6

I walked down five stalls and they saw two horses that looked exactly alike. My father asked how I could tell which one was Vanessa. I took my parents and showed them the difference about the horses. But before I showed them the difference I reminded my parents that Vanessa had a scar right above her nose. She looked at both of the horses and looked right above both of their noses and I pointed to one of the horses. Both of my parents looked at the horse that I had pointed at. And they went up to the horse and looked right above the horse's nose. And there was a SCAR!!! Then I asked, if that is Vanessa, then who is that. Her parents wondered. I do not know. The next day my father took the look alike horse to a horse ranch near our house, and it was their's.


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