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Genre: Young Authors
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Who Took My Flowers?

By: Laina Nash, Age 7

Once there was a kick on my door. I looked out, there were no more flowers in my front garden. I was sure someone picked them all. I was looking for some clues and I saw one. I went to see what kind of footmark that was. It was a sheep, I was sure of that. Then I saw one eating my flowers in my back yard. I was trying to get it to go away, but it kept on ignoring me.

Then I picked the last of the flowers from the backyard and I said, "If you will keep ignoring me I will take you where you belong. I will make you go to your home. I dropped the flowers so the sheep would follow me. Soon the sheep was running home and I was chasing it to the farm.

It was Farmer Brown's sheep. He said, "Did it eat your flowers?"

I said, "Yes it did eat my flowers."

So, Farmer Brown took the sheep to the sheep's bedroom. I ask Farmer Brown if he would punish the sheep.

He said, "No, she didn't do it on purpose." He said, "She was a good sheep most of the time."

I said, "Well, she ate a good lunch."

Now I don't have to worry about that sheep. I planted more flowers and I never got to see that sheep again. The End

Note from the author's grandmother: Laina told me she wanted to write a story after we read McFee and EllaLee in the Children's Reading Area. I typed while she told me the story. Every word is as she dictated it. What fun we had and she will be so proud to see her story on your website. Thanks for giving us this chance.

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