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WordShack Publishing Seeks Writers

Published in the newspaper Morocco Today

April 30, 2002

Ben Bernstein of London, England and Lynda Blankenship of Massillon, Ohio in the United States have joined forces to create a format for the works of international amateur and semi-professional writers to be showcased to the world.

WordShack Publishing can be found on the Internet as The site has two major goals, first to be the author’s first step to greatness, and secondly to help readers see the world thru eyes different than their own.

Bernstein and Blankenship have both spent their lives surrounded by numbers, but their love of words has now put their focus on the works of others. Ms. Blankenship has worked for a number of years in publishing and states, “I was always struck with how difficult it is for writers to be published. Literary Agents and Publishing Houses must always be asking themselves ‘Can we sell enough of these to put back the money to cover the costs of publishing and distribution?’ for that reason 99% of all work submitted never sees an audience.”

“We seek to address that imbalance,” states Bernstein. “Our goal is to give every author the opportunity to be heard.”

WordShack author James McAfee had sent what he believed to be a really good story idea to a TV series. It was returned to him unopened and rejected. “I was so frustrated I just put the entire thing into a drawer. When I heard about Wordshack, I got the idea out and rewrote it as an essay. Two days after sending it to Wordshack, my work was on the Internet, my ideas were being shared and e-mailed to hundreds of people. I was so excited. You can’t really call yourself an author until other people can read your work.”

Launched Feb. 1, features essays, poems, novels and short stories in a broad range of interests and tastes, from adventure and children to humour, history and romance.

Submissions can be made to and if your submission of 5,000 words or less is received before June 1, 2002 it will be posted for free. Works of any length are accepted by WordShack Publishing.