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What Is WordShack


Your launch pad to discovering new talent, or better yet, be a new talent and be discovered.

What Is Wordshack?

WordShack Publishing is a home for the world's amateur authors. A place to showcase their work, and to be discovered. Learn more about the company and our purpose.

Adventure Articles

These stories are meant to take you someplace outside of your daily life.

Children Articles

You and the children of your choice can enjoy these stories together.

Essay Articles

Remember the days of being told by a teacher to write an essay? This is your chance to see why you were writing them. A fun format for new thoughts.

Fiction Articles

See what the imagination can think up. Enjoy someone else's version of virtual reality.

History Articles

The future is always built on the past, join us for a bit of time travel.

Humour Articles

Everyone needs a laugh. Our writers will try to give you a reason.

Mystery Articles

Pastiche is a form of writing in the style of another writer. You will find both original works and pastiches in this section.

Non-Fiction Articles

Truth is frequently stranger than fiction. You will find story of real lives in this section.

Poetry Articles

Who can say what you will find in Poetry. Feelings, always heartfelt will surely be there.

Romance Articles

This is the section to find dreams. Lovely dreams of a future we all hope to find.

Science Fiction Articles

The weird, the unbelievable become real here.

Short Stories Articles

A great story, but a short read. Not much time, spend it here.

Travel Articles

Not able to leave your home or your job, take a trip with someone else.

War or Peace Articles

The struggles between War and Peace have created the backdrop of our history. The stories of how we achieved a balance, is the story of mankind.

Young Authors Articles

Read the works of tomorrow's writers. These works submitted by parents and teachers will give you new insight into the future.