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The Silver Phoenix

By: Sherry Carpenter, Age 15

Here is an amazing novel written by a new author to the pages of WordShack. Seldom have we seen such talent in any author. The fact that she is only 15 adds to the beauty of her writing. A natural for sure, but someone to keep a very close eye on as she works on her craft and develops into a bestselling author. We are very proud to have been her first fans.

The Runaway Horse

By: Jordan Thorn, Age 8

What little girl doesn't dream of owning her own horse? This young lady shows us the importance of paying very close attention to your pet. Born in Wisconsin, she now lives in Florida and we hope she keeps writing. We are proud to be her first publishers.

Peter Pan and the Mermaids

By: Elizabeth Ecart, Age 6

What would happen if the sea colour mixing machine broke down? Now there is a question for all of us to ponder. But this little English girl has found the answer. We hope she remembers who her first publishers were when she become famous some day.


By: SueAnn Zavarelle, Age 13

A day no child who lived through is likely to forget. Many of our children found an expression for their feelings through words. This young girl speaks to all our feelings as we prepare to relive the day. An anniversary we would all rather not have.

An American Tale

By: Rachel Atkins, Age 13

This young English woman shares her memories of a family trip to the American Mid-West. She and her new friend Zowie worked hard to bring about a “meeting of minds.”

Who Took My Flowers

By: Laina Nash, Age 7

This little girl just had her 7th birthday. She writes a very short story in which she discovers a crime, solves the mystery and sees to a fair trial of the criminal. I wonder if Agatha Christie got started this way?