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Past Featured Author

Bill Wucinich

Massillon, Ohio U.S.A.


Reading - Photography and being with my Grandchildren.

Most Embarrassing Moment

My Wedding Day. During the Mass, my stomach reminded me that the night before, when I was out with the boys, I had a little too much to drink. Further, it suggested that I had better do something about it immediately. So I left. When the priest turned around to distribute communion, he discovered that a key member of the celebration was missing. But, always the trooper, he continued without me. After Mass, my great-aunt, who would not accept the marriage until I received the host, escorted me back into the church to a waiting, very relieved priest and I consecrated, as it were, my marriage. Later, I heard that two of my wife's Non-Catholic friends were asking their Catholic friends why, in a Catholic wedding ceeremony, the husband leaves the alter alone. They had no answer.

Most Memorable Moment

The births of my eight grand-children.

Advice to Other Amateur Authors

Keep writing. It isn't easy but it comes with the territory.

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