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Past Featured Author

Shane Kennedy

Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada

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Writers are allowed to have interests other than writing? Well, maybe fencing, cycling, and watching the wee ones run around.

Most Embarrassing Moment

No Comment!

Most Memorable Moment

The first time I met my wife.

Advice to Other Amateur Authors

  1. Enjoy writing. Writing is not an easy task, but it should be a challenge you like doing. If you begin to dislike "punching out the words" then regardless of whether you're being paid or not, you're most likely becoming a hack and producing crap. No one wants to become a hack.
  2. Keep sending submission letters.
  3. Repeat No. 2 as often as necessary.

And More…

It cost me about a dollar a day to post my work on WordShack, an established website that already has the attention of readers, agents, and publishers. Compare this to the cost of creating and maintaining your own website, not to mention having to promote it, and it quickly becomes clear that WordShack just makes better sense.

Stories By Shane Kennedy: