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Past Featured Author

Roy Hare



Oil Painting, Nature, Walking, Poetry, Writing

Most Embarrassing Moment

Being on 'Fire Watching' duty in the Second World War above a shop, falling asleep, missing the air raid siren, and waking up to find the front of the shop had been blown in.

Most Memorable Moment

Whilst serving in the RAF, stationed in Pakistan. We were repairing an engine on a Dakota transport plane, we took off for a test flight, the engine burst into flames, we flew to Karachi on one engine, it was very chilly because there was no glass in the cockpit windows. And of course when I first met my wife, Betty

Advice to Other Amateur Authors

Although I haven't actively tried to interest publishers in my work, it is a joy and a privilege to see my work featured so prominently on Wordshack. For all authors, feedback and suggestions are the key, so please, readers, if you enjoyed my work, please drop me a line through the 'review' function.

And More…


Dogs that don't bite, cats that don't scratch, donkeys, writing, Yorkshire and anywhere in the North of England and Scotland


Too hot sun, rudeness in children and adults, drivers whose main aim in life is death amd margarine (yuck)

Greatest Wish

To be a multi millionaire and help ease the illnesses and problems of many people.


Howard Keel, Judy Garland and Dean Martin

Stories By Roy Hare: