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Past Featured Author

Amber Costello

North Canton, Ohio U.S.A.


Riding my motorcycle, and playing "really" bad eight ball. I think it had something to do with turning 40. Brace yourself, I love, love, love forensic science stories. The criminal mind fascinates me. I taught severely emotionally disturbed youth for a number of years, and was and still am fascinated with how their minds work. The greater the degree of psychosis in the child the greater my interest. Sitting next to a paranoid schizophrenic and attempting to carry on a conversation is second only to my writing.

Most Embarrassing Moment

I am not sure. I try to forget painful memories, but I think my most embarrassing moment had to do with a movie theater, a long trail of toilet paper streaming from my shoe, and sitting near the front row. Ah…yes its coming back to me. During this most embarrassing evening, I also sat on a gentlemen (it was very dark) and he was bald. The reason I know he was bald, was that I slid off his lap and tried to catch my fall. In doing so, I reached for the nearest object, and you guessed it, I grabbed the hairless orb, and screamed. Since the movie was not a scary one, I was very politely asked to leave which I did with much haste.

Most Memorable Moment

I wish I could say my most memorable moment was the births of my two sons. That sounds so noble and motherly. Though I will admit that trying to push a nine and half pound object the size of a bowling ball through an opening the size of a tennis ball is certainly unforgettable, the truth is, my most memorable moment has not yet occurred. But I can tell you what my most memorable moment will be: The rise and fall of my life will have transpired, and I will be sitting in a local diner, gnawing on my tea and toast with my one good tooth, and a rather attractive looking lad, with his Greek god body, will approach me and say "I read your books. Thanks."

Advice to Other Amateur Authors

My advice to other amateur authors is listen to your heart. Without it, you will not sit in front of the pc for hours on end losing and then gaining daylight savings time. You won't grapple for hours for just the right word, or try to manage social skills when all you really want to do is stole away for a few coveted moments recording your most recent brain volcano. Without it you don't exist.

And More…

I would like to offer my favorite quote on writing, because it seems to have embraced me: "Are you married to your writing, or are you just dating it?" For me it's been a series of one night stands, a few fleeting fulfilling moments, and stolen weekends. I am still waiting for the big one!!

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