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Bob Stubenrauch

Canton, Ohio U.S.A.

Sadly, for all of us, this author is deceased. However, we have heard from all who knew him, that he was the best of men. We believe you will see that in his words, which luckily for us, have survived him. Our thanks to his lovely wife, Leah for sharing them with us. It is with great pride that WordShack Publishing will publish Mr. Stubenrauch's autobiographic novel, Cat Thirteen. This excellent account of World War II is nothing short of living history. We will keep you informed on how to obtain a copy of the book.

Bob Stubenrauch who lived from 1924 to 1998, was an artist, photograper and writer.

Born in Flushing, L.I., New York, he served as a Combat Photographer during World War II and was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for bravery. His combat photography team consisted of 3 people, a movie photographer, a still photographer (Bob) and a jeep driver who was responsible for delivering film if possible every nite back to headquarters for processing for information etc. to Washington, D.C.

He had 4 books published, 3 on his hobby which was collected cars, and one on the American Revolution. Three were published by Dodd, Mead, and one by Norton. They were text and photographs.

He is survived by his widow, Leah Goodman Stubenrauch and two grandchildren, Ryan and Kelly Stubenrauch. His two children predeceased him, both at the ages of 30, three years apart.

Stories by Bob Stubenrauch :