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Past Featured Author

Katrina Smith-Robson



I love tennis and golf. I enjoy movies and readings, but my real passion is people. I love to travel and experience new cultures and new ways of thinking.

Most Embarrassing Moment

I changed high schools at the beginning of my Junior year. I didn't know anyone at the new school except the guy that lived across the street from me. I wanted to go to the first football game and he said he would save me a seat. When I got to the game he was high in the stands with about 300 other boys. I walked up and sat beside him. The band came out to play and I turned to the boy sitting next to me. Trying to be friendly I said, "Is that the Alma Mater?" To which he responded, "No, that is the National Anthem." I felt so dumb, but I dated him for several months. Once again proving that "boys don't like smart girls." Luckily for me, men do.

Most Memorable Moment

While many wonderful things have happened in my life, I most remember a day on a lake in Italy. There was a boat and man I adored. It was a perfect day.

Advice to Other Amateur Authors

Explore new areas of interest. Dig deeply into the human condition and always speak from your soul.

And More…

20 years separate me and the girl in this picture. They have been good years, I have grown and changed. While I am different, I will forever remain that girl on the inside. It is that movement through time and how the inside and the outside of us can't get on the same timeline that facinates me. The way romance and love remain important throughout the phases of our lives. I write my stories about that. Like many writers, I see myself as a storyteller, not an author. In our modern world Storytellers have no place to share their words. And then I discovered WordShack. What a joy to be able to put my stories out there for people all over the world to read. And I love the feedback.

Stories by Katrina Smith-Robson: