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Featured Author

Patricia Yurisa

Jackson, Georgia - U.S.A.


I love to work in my flower garden. I find it to be a miracle that such beauty emerges from the earth. I also love to decorate my home. It allows me to visually express myself. My home is my sanctuary, so I try to bring simplicity and beauty into my surroundings. I paint on canvas with oils. This can be stressful for I sometimes find it hard to put on canvas what I see in my mind.

Most Embarrassing Moment

I was on a beach one day with friends when something landed on my head, a big white spot of you know what. I looked above to see a seagull flapping its wings over head.

Most Memorable Moment

I was so delighted when Lynda Blankenship of WordShack told me she liked my story.

Advice to Other Amateur Authors

I like to write with my emotions. To me, it makes things more exciting.

And More…

I always had a desire to write. In high school, my teacher would comment on my essays and suggest I think of writing as a vocation. However, as we all know, life sometimes takes us in different directions.