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Past Featured Author

Sergio Burns

Kilmarnock, Scotland

To preview and purchase Sergio's excellent short story collection simply click Dark Ghosts Rising. Thank you for supporting the authors of WordShack Publishing.


Mountain biking, cycling, soccer, reading, writing (of course).

Most Embarrassing Moment

Too many to mention!

Most Memorable Moment

Thanks to WordShack the publication of my book of short stories was a wonderful moment. For me it was, quite simply, a dream come true. It was a big break for me and led to more work. I subsequently worked with a local newspaper on a book of War Heroes. I now also write a regular column for a Spanish newspaper. In addition I have also written assignments and interviews for them. I have also written articles for various newspapers and magazines including Sunday Herald, Irish News, Sunday Business Post (Dublin), Contemporary magazine and Seven magazine. At present I am working on a stage play, "What It's Like To Fall Off The Edge Of The Dark Side Of Venus," adapted from my short story, "Wired Sky". All the above would not have happened without WordShack, so the new story is dedicated to Lynda and Ben for all their help.

Advice to Other Amateur Authors

Keep going, have faith and always treat every writing job professionally.

And More…

Writing, personally, I enjoy enormously. I think every writer must try and find their own voice, but I also feel that it is important to take time and, if necessary, do research. Detail is important to me. For example, if a story is set in the 1980's it would be ridiculous to choose a bit of music from the 1990's, so don't guess, check it thoroughly. I would also say never leave a story until you are completely satisfied with it, don't skimp and don't try and rush it.

Stories By Sergio Burns: