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Story Reviews F-J

Fire In The Philippine Sky

By: Robert Glutting

First Name: Aina
Country: Philippines

Beautiful. Alas. I can feel the terror of the Pinatubo eruption…And…you helped me with my LAB REPORT! Thanks a million!

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Harry The Hermit Crab

By: Angie Ashbery

First Name: Carolyn
Country: United States of America

I enjoyed reading this light-hearted love story. The descriptive writing allowed me to form clear images in my mind. The story left me wanting to know more about the possible relationship between the two characters.

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Holiday Blues

By: Barrett Kirghizia

First Name: Memo
Country: United States of America

Good story! Are you "the" BK that attended ESU?

First Name: Christian
Country: United States of America

A brilliant short story about something that I am sure has happened to most of us! Barrett has displayed a rare talent of being funny without being offensive! Please wirte more!

First Name: Susan
Country: United States of America

Glad to see some things are universal. I must say I have watched my share of pictures of London from atop a double decker bus in the rain. This was a very honest and funny story.

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If Not For The Cats

By: Linda Hillmen

First Name: Jean
Country: Australia

This story was such fun. I hope the author has it right. Cats should be God. Nothing is a better judge of character. I found the story well written and developed on a very sensible line. This site is highly entertaining. Thanks to both the author and the editor of the site.

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If Wibbles Wobbled

By: Dani L.Gustavich

First Name: Katie
Country: United States of America

This author is definitely in touch with their inner child. The poem is a fun and humerous look at the types of questions kids ask every day. I can't wait to read it to my two little cousins. This poem would make a great children's book.

First Name: Manuel
Country: United States of America

Brightened my day…I actually believe that wibbles do wobble!

First Name: Becca
Country: Canada

If only…how true

First Name: Emma
Country: United States of America

Dani's sense of humor and writing style keeps me smiling throughout the entire piece. This is one of those poems that you can read over and over again…so fun!

First Name: Monique
Country: United States of America

I really enjoyed reading "If Wibbles Wobbled", Dani is a VERY talented writer and person.

First Name: Connie
Country: United States of America

I was right! Dani had me laughing and really enjoying her humor! She's so TALENTED! More! More! More!

First Name: Denise
Country: United States of America

LOVE IT!!! *muah*

First Name: Sarah
Country: United States of America

This is so cute! I like it when you read this one on poetry night, but I wish you had some pictures to go along with it! I'll bet the kids where you work love this one! You know, if you were able to turn this one into a book, the whole "wibble" thing could take off. I could just see wibble t-shirts and dolls and I don't even know what a wibble looks like. How do you picture a wibble as looking?

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In A Lonely Place

By: Abdulmajid Abdullah Ahmad Dabbas

First Name: Tamua
Country: Jordan

Wow! This is a beautiful story! Keep up the great work!

First Name: Anthea
Country: Sweden

Deeply descriptive of places, experiences and relationships of love and admiration for culture and traditional values... A heart warming story alive with feelings, emotions, truth and passion... Jamil discreetly and sincerely shares his soul, heart and thoughts as he longs for his beloved country, home and loved ones... while experiencing a whole new world of differences, love and friendships in his new home in America... at first a stranger in a foreign place confronted by the anguish of loneliness and homesickness on Christmas eve he surprisingly find his prayers answered and ends up in the company of a wonderful family surrounded by love and good cheer... A brilliant short story for this time of the year... leaves you feeling like you have walked in Jamil's shoes, lived in his heart and experience the joy of finding a place of significance among strangers who become friends!

If you share this experience of living in a new country, it will not be strange to shed a tear or two at the end!

Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story

First Name: Ibrahim
Country: Sweden

Good illustration of cultural differences. Relation to personal biography is obvious.

First Name: Suzanna
Country: United States of America

Wow, I really loved this. Such a different point of view. I found it enlightening and inspirational. Thanks for writing it. and thanks to WordShack for sharing it with us.

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Inspired By Nature

By: Falguni Mukherjee

First Name: Sandy
Country: United States of America

You have painted a vivid portrait of your home's entrance and the plants which thrived there for awhile. I liked the way you tied the lesson on impermanence into such a simple experience we have all had. Celebrate life and beauty while it is with us and let it go when it must change. Thank you.

First Name: Robert
Country: United States of America

It snowed today where I live, yes April 3rd and snowing. I very much enjoyed visiting the authors garden in India. I especially loved the imagery of the hot, dry dusty summer. This author has a way of painting pictures with his words and his love for a plant is something I can truly understand. I have a magnolia tree myself.

First Name: Laura
Country: United States of America

I love to read English used this way. The author turns prose into poetry. Always nice to find a new vision. This author certainly has one, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. More please!

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Just Keeps Rolling On

By: Laura Sheridan

First Name: Richard
Country: United States of America

WOW! I've been writing, critiquing and editing four decades and nothing I've ever encountered "cold" has excited me as much as this. Grabbed me from the first few words and absolutely refused to let me go.

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