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Story Reviews K-O

Life's Like that

By: Elizabeth Parish

First Name: Lynda
Country: United States of America

I particularly enjoyed NO PIECE OF CAKE, VALENTINE, and THAT IS THE BEST. I sometimes wonder if we are all married to the same man.

First Name: Daniel
Country: United States of America

Dear Ms. Parrish, Whoever described your poetry as short stories certainly hit the nail on the head. I have enjoyed them. I printed Gossip out and hung it on the office bulletin board. I look forward to Monday for a new installment.

First Name: Kathy
Country: United States of America

This poet has such a wonderful way with words. Each poem is a gem, but may I say that Requiescat touched a cord with me. I believe I saw this on television. The digging up of the Roman graves in the English cemetary. I too felt it was a sin to disturb them for the sake of "science. " Maybe, that is easy for me to say since we don't have Roman graves where I live. I believe your poetry gave her back some of her lost dignity.

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Living The Dream

By: M.B. Hohl

First Name:Amanda
Country: United States of America

I really enjoyed "Living The Dream" more than I originally thought. It was engaging and left me wanting more. How does it end? Did Derek win the contest? Did Meg meet Jake? Does she find a new job and start her new life? Please let me know if you have finished the story. Thank you for writing!

First Name: Peter
Country: Ireland

I could not stop - eventhough I'm sure I know what's going to happen (or maybe becasue I think I know (hope) what's going to happen I loved it. I was right there in Meg's house until the last line when I kind of jolted back to this world.

A lovely story - I hope she doesn't meet him too soon though and that its not all smooth sailing - that would be boring!!

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Love Is

By: Roy Hare

First Name: Sylvia
Country: United States of America

These poems where great fun. So you see Mr. Hare, someone was there

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Mama and Mr. Moody

By: Dorothea Boyd Wolfe

First Name: Emily
Country: United States of America

I have read both stories written by this author. I find them to be interesting, well constructed, and a very worthwhile use of my time. I hope to see more of her work. I enjoy your web site very much. It offers a wide variety of stories and I really enjoy the poetry.

First Name: Barbara
Country: United States of America

A delightful story that kept my interest. I could not put it down until I had read it through. It swept me up into Mama's family where there was love, togetherness, good morals, integrity and a great lesson to be learned. Thanks Dorothea B Wolfe!

First Name: Joan
Country: Australia

Well done, Ms. Wolfe. I hope this is a memory rather than an invented story. I had parents who also placed great value in The Lord. My memories are much like yours. I can not see a Bible without hearing the music on that old pumping organ. Your story made me hear the sounds again.

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McFee And EllaLee

By: Amy Temple

First Name: C.W. Darlene
Country: Canada

Perhaps not catchy enough for the age group I think it is aimed at 5-8, the rhyming is not consistent and some of the lines seem violent for this age group, for example the two charactors grabbing weapons. Also too long without anything actually happening.

First Name: Amy Kathleen
Country: United States of America

I loved your story! If I knew how to draw I'd want to illustrate it. Such fun!

First Name: Tammy Jo 8 years old
Country: United States of America

I thought it was good. I even will think of it tomarrow.

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Old Birdy

By: Angela Texmo

First Name: Barbara
Country: United States of America

Great work Angela. I enjoyed your story very much. Alana your illustrations were very well done. Keep them coming girls!

First Name: Normajean
Country: United States of America

Sweet, very sweet. I like the simplicity of the story. Simply sweet is very good.

First Name: Dawn
Country: United States of America

Hi, I thought your story was very nice and I liked it. Keep up the good work. I will tell my children to come and check out this site and they can read your story too. thanks good job.

First Name: Sandy
Country: United States of America

To make someone happy is so very very kind.
But to make a story all rhyme is a bit of a bind.
Your story's quite charming.
The pics quite disarming.
I love the bird and buddy…
and hope the kids do too.

First Name: Edward
Country:United Kingdom (Great Britain)

My wife and I read this story to our grandchildren today. They enjoyed the story very much and the pictures were a treat for all. May I also say, it was great fun to read aloud.

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On Age

By: James McAfee

First Name: Richard
Country: United States of America

I liked the philosophical approach to defining age. It was draggy through the first 30% but then became more complex and picked up pace. I tend to not worry about unlikely and unpreventable things so the nuclear bomb threat never greatly concerned me but then, I'm also older and was adult by the "hide-under-the-desk" syndrome impinged on younger minds. The analytical process seems to get better as it goes along. By the end I was fully enjoying it. In the whole, I'd rate it as better than average for a beginning writer but because of probably a limited audience, not likely to find high marketability.

First Name: Mike
Country: United Kingdom (Great Britain)

I thoroughly enjoyed this short essay and found it very thought provoking and entertaining.

First Name: Kecia
Country: United States Of America

I am mailing this story to a friend for his 30th. birthday. Thanks

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